Hi Im catcel

ngl this place seems fucking dead but maybe I am just bad at this forums format and this is more active than I think it is. Just making an intro post to say hi. I am a manlet incel irl and because of my manletism (5’3’’) I can’t get a GF at all. Being a manlet sucks ass, especially when it comes to dating.

About me: I own many animals, I have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 rats. I used to breed rats so I had a lot more but I don’t have time for it anymore so its on a hold. I like drawing though with my busy schedule I haven’t done it in awhile, at least not properly I still doodle and such. I go to uni full time now but when I am not in uni I work as a building maintainer and do random labor jobs like metal bending and yard work.

Hope to meet some incels on here and make some friends :wizard:


welcome, the forum is slower than older forums, but faster than love-shy.com

it seems to just need like 2-3 more regular members to reach critical mass

@tables keeps banning people lol, but tbf we are reaching for quality not quantity

welcome catcel!


rats, not cats?


Most internet forums, even ones that have been up 10 years, only operate at about 1-2 posts a day. This forum is relatively very active. Wasnt for a while though.

Nice I love cats, what are their names?

welcome, glad you chose incelistan, it does seem less active than usual, but it’s not dead.

I have both tbh

Kiwi and Yoko tbhtbh

I love cats

Hello Catcel.