Hi, I’m Sans!

Hey everyone, I’m Sans! I live in the United States. I am a manlet (5’11” but I consider myself a manlet, I need that extra inch) and I also suffer from autism, Tourette syndrome and other mental disorders. I mainly use incels.co but I registered here originally out of curiosity and also to have nice discussions with others without shitposting. I love shitposting but sometimes I just need a break from it. It’s also nice to get perspectives from other incels and maybe allies as well. It feels strange yet nice at the same time being in a different environment but still with incels.


Welome aboard starship incel

departure is in 6 minutes

Am I allowed to identify you as a man or is it too non PC for me to not recognise your manlet identity?(serious question)

welcome Sans!!

Sure, you can call me a man. I’m 5’11” so calling myself a manlet is a bit of a stretch but I REALLY need that extra inch to hit six feet.

Hi Sans, I promise promise you that girls don’t mind if you’re 5’11 or 6’0