Hi I’m kind of bored

I know this isn’t a mf proana site, but sometimes I just feel so unlovable because of it. So, I came here to try be with an Incel. I don’t really feel like telling everyone why, but ik the eating thing is probably why. It kinda makes me think I’m ugly and fat, when I know I’m not, but I’m afraid of saying I’m not, because I’m not sure what I really believe. Idk if that makes sense but I think if I make myself believe those things it’ll make me restrict more or it’ll some how lessen the blow when people insult me. Anyways, I or it just sometimes make myself believe bad things about myself and it deludes my mind, into thinking no one likes me. Sorry my head hurts and I’m bad at explaining things. But yeah that’s pretty much the main reason why, I want to because I feel like I can try to “empathize” I probably can’t, but I want to try my best to help you.

well… welcome (again).
that does make sense.
its not bad that you want someone whos an outcast because you see yourself as less than others. (seriously not trying to insult you). and you’re right, it’s easier to empathize if you have some common ground first.
feeling unlovable is a very incel mindset to be in, and if you can help it, get out of that right away. it won’t help you, it would help you find the guy you’re looking for and it wont help you if you find someone.
having said all that. incel-dom is on the rise, if thats the kind of guy/girl/person you want, you will absolutely be able to find one.
don’t give up. but on the other hand, don’t settle, incel or not, nobody wants to be told “I guess I’m stuck with you, because I’m not good enough for someone else”