Hi, how are you guys doing?

hello there boyos


Hello, I am doing well. I’m reading Anti Oedipus which attempts to ascribe structures to thought and meaning in life and the world. It also has some choice words for Freud, Nietzsche and Marx obsessives. I ate puttanesca for dinner.

you seem to be a man of culture friend

do you actually develop games?



According to his activity, literally showed up for 1 day and then disappeared.

he prefers xenforo and hanging around banned incels.co users
nice chap tho

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Lol I know. That’s really accurate. But he is a good guy.

I’m doing very poorly. I’m back here after all, wondering where it all went wrong.

Tell me how to reach the body without organs one day.

I hope things get better for you :frowning:

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Thanks. You are a quality poster

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I still can’t get any pussy but beyond that I’m putting up with a bitch of a boss at work and I’m just barely passing my mid term exams at college. Stressful environment lately.

I ■■■■ with a shit load of video games to escape this miserable reality. I worry what will happen if I run out of copes.

Oh, and my car will break down any day now where I hope that I don’t crash and die while driving on the road. There’s that also.

There’s no such thing as public transportation around here either.

Still financially destitute and broke as usual, had to turn in eleven dollars worth of pennies today just to get some gasoline. That shit was fucking surreal.

Missed my chance to file my tax returns today where I have to wait another three weeks before filing again, the funny thing however is that the United States economy could collapse in three weeks time where even if I got the money later on it would be entirely worthless. Ultimately I’m hoping for a market crash so that my money worries will finally be all over.

I need to do my taxes too.

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We meet again. Hi I wrote with many pseudonyms.

on where?