Hi :). Found you guys from the doc

I’m a 24 year old, F. Always found dating hard. Guys always around me ugly and have been rejected more time s than I can count :cry:

Please pray :pray: for me. I want dick but cannot find it

H-hit me up.

Welcome to the club and good luck

I might consider giving you a pity fuck if you meet my minimum standards.

What are your standards? lol

  1. sex is with no condom.
  2. looka good enough for me to get hard.
  3. iq > 90

I live in sweden so i doubt we will ever meet.

You tryna get someone pregnant?

Swedes never have sex with condoms on

Vintologi has low standards, who woulda thunk…

Yes ofc.

Ideally the female should be married when i make her pregnant.

You are like a young Genghis Kahn

Why no condom?

Not enough ■■■

thaz gross ewwy boy

hello Love, welcome to Incelistan!

The act of giving pleasure can be the most pleasurable part. Maybe practice your seduction skills on older guys.

Thank you :slight_smile:

How did you find us?

I lurked here for a while, saw the documentary and then registered but had issues with that and then got invited else where lol.


Are you female or just a really feminine man?