Hi everyone!

My name is chessman6500. I am a virgin who has never been in a relationship or even on many dates. I have witnessed what incels have gone through over the years and I would like to give them support. I am in the same situation, and I hope I can lend a helping hand to those in this group who need support in our current unbalanced society. A lot the arguments I have seen are valid enough for me to believe them.

I am really interested in playing chess. If any incels here are chess players, I will gladly accept a challenge to play. I play the game everyday. I have been working on mastering the Polish opening as of late (1. b4)

Hey chessman, nice to meet you.
How old are you? (Dont’ have to give an exact age)

Yea chess is pretty fun. And you would cream me!

I am 27. I am autistic, have a life threatening dairy allergy and Scheuermanns disease which all hamper my chances for a relationship. I am also aware of the difficulties of today’s world and no one seems to tell the truth about it.

I am not too good at chess lol.


hey chessman, welcome to incelistan :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. I call myself chesscel. I follow a combination of blue, red, black, and purple pill, and am slightly MGTOW. I have an open mind and am trying to experiment which view is the best.

Which chess app do you use? I don’t even know what the Polish opening is. For a while I actually got to about 1700 rating on a chess app, currently have all chess apps uninstalled though.

Chess takes a lot of time so I don’t spend too much on it these days. When I play it’s speed chess basically, 10 minutes, even 5 minutes for each player.

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I use chess.com and lichess.

The Polish opening starts with 1 b4. I usually do 30 minutes a game.

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