Hi and thank you

Hi there,

I just watched a nifty documentary on the topic, and I have been an Intel for 2 years now.
Sometimes I am so happy and relieved to be alone; it allows me to just do what I feel like when I feel like.
And sometimes I’m just missing someone to talk to, to hang out with.
It’s not easy to ‘just go out’ when I’m on my own. I get social anxiety and conclude ‘this was not for me’.
And it is that sort of ‘staying at home’ and social anxiety behaviour, that makes it really hard for me to find someone new.
My ex left me, because she felt ‘her life was not showing enough progress’. Yeah. Right, aka another guy.
Still, I’m sad she had to lie and invent so many complicated and say so many not nice things, whereas she could just have said: I met someone, see ya’ :smile: :smile:
Anyway, I’m not unhappy, but I do miss having someone to share things with.
And no, I don’t blame women (or other man :smile:), I just blame myself. But it is who I am, and I have to live that life, no-one else has to. So, I accept it, take the good bits - and u know… in time…

Anyway, sorry about me rambling on, just to say I’m happy to be here! :wink:

Have a wonderful day

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Bbc documentary? Yeah it was pretty good tbh, I dunno why the fuss

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hello, welcome, glad you chose incelistan for your incel socialization. :slightly_smiling_face:

sorry to hear that. my condolences. :disappointed: