Hey y'all. So I guess with IncelsWithoutHate going down this place can pick up some pieces?

seems like a pretty good progression tbh

hope the admins etc. Are on the case

considered PMing incelswihouthate members to come on over, but honestly people know of this place and can come on over whenever

if it gets totally dead might do that

this place is a bulletin board that costs no money to host cuz the software is free, dont want people just for the sake of it

basically this place is stress free and has chill users

a new wave of users requires having to deal with more malicious people and filter them out again

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although if people want to invite people who want a relatively toxicity free forum, thatd be fine

The forum is kind of dead now though.

yup, it’s basically a zombie forum at this point :japanese_ogre:

i mean its just supposed to be a bulletin board

if there’s like 50 people posting all day i don’t really want that because people need to grow and have their own lives

there isnt often much to post about
even love-shy.com was often 1 post per month for a while

but if people want other members they are free to invite some, im fine with how it currently is personally

We need @Zero_Sum back so I can stay up to date about the downfall of American capitalism

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Lmao!!! I do miss him tbh. He had a sense of humour.