Hey guys how are y’all

Hey guys. :slight_smile: love you :pepeconfident: how are y’all? I hate it here, I’m mad that I can’t leave lmaoo

I guess it’s as good as it’s going to get for now.

I was thinking about you in this exact moment! “hope samiles is doing fine”

My University is kind of like prison where you have to serve time at certain periods, so there’s that. And yeah they take attendance in my particular program.

Yeah it’s hard to leave isn’t it? I just get frustrated and bitter in other communities.

whats hard to leave? I mean im about to get discharged from the hospital either this week or next week so yeeee

I cant even fap bro thats how bad it is

im good other than they made me a big fatass

Shower? Bathroom? Bedroom? I can tell you people in hospitals do fap. I’ve walked in quite a few times at the wrong time.

I don’t feel comfortable doing that here lmaoooo. Plus i have a roommate.

If she’s hot you should be lesbian together.

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Cant cause im too unattractive but i can get a kiss on her last day so yeet

if god existed you’d be in big trouble!


Hey, lesbianism shouldn’t be encouraged due to its toxicity as discussed.

Lesbian sex of one-night stand doesnt count as lesbianism, more like bisexual. The problematic lesbos are the ones that irrationally hate penis, which is the majority of lesbos (70% of lesbos wont date mtfs.)

All females are bisexual and that’s problematic as discussed, with bisexual being a proxy for chadsexual.

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Whats problematic is males looks havent evolved at the same rate female DNA has. Male dna is still somewhat ogre tier.

There will be women who claim to still be stuck in stone age in terms of tastes. However these really are just chadsexuals not ogresexuals. Most women who claim to be 100% straight are not significantly more helpful to incels than bisexual women are. Women that claim to be 100% straight usually only chase rich boys and chads.

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And that’s not a bad thing.

You don’t find males attractive because you’re a straight male, period.

That analysis is way too basic for me.

I find penises attractive, and penises are male. I also get aroused at flat chests. I am, like many women, not attracted to body hair or common ogre features most males have. Saying uglyness is inherently male is nonsensical idealogy. You are fighting for ogre idealogy, this is sad.

What I’m saying is that being ugly (for your specific definition of ugliness) doesn’t stop men from having sex.

Even the ugliest man (again, for your own definition of it) can get laid.

There are far more important factors to decide if a man is going to have children – which is what matters for biology.

Biology only cares about reproduction, and historically ugly men had had children, so making us pretty boys is a waste of time for mother Nature.

Being competitive plays a bigger role than being pretty. Men are competitive.

Case in point: Genghis Khan was ugly and full of ogre features, yet he’s the chadest guy to ever live on Earth. He was very competitive too.

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