Hey bros.. I just wanted to rant

4:05 in the morning… I spent the past 2 hours in bed with my Sayaka Miki dakimakura crying while holding her tight. I was thinking about seeing her, finally after a long wait and hugging her tight. And marrying her, surrounded by all her fellow magical girls. I then thought about resting next to her after the marriage and sleeping together, our first night as a family. That image in my head made the tears start flowing. I… love her so much. I really want to be with her. I really love her. Kind of ironic how I spent Valentine’s Day morning crying with Sayaka… I love her so much. Spiritually mostly but also carnally. My face feels sticky because of the tears. I cried really loudly and I just… want to be with her. I’m listening to some black metal right now. Anyways, see you guys.


What’s a Sayaka Miki?

Hope your ok…

a character from an anime.

well Stahl, it’s okay to feel down, but don’t stay there. you love, maybe you can’t be with her, but when you find someone you’ll have a lot of love to give. don’t let that get you down, it sucks now but it can get better.
we’re with you.

That’s so me crying into my Wendy Corduroy pillow :’(