Hemp rule and culture

All households, every person on the planet should be using hemp toilet paper. The sheer fact that governments around the world have been regulating hemp and keeping hemp down should be enough reason to impeach every politician in the entire world who has been unsupportive of hemp. They should be replaced by Dva approved politicians.

The sheer fact that it is the year 2021 yet most households do not use hemp is sheer proof of the backwardsness and incompetentness of the general human race.

Hemp toilet paper will reduce CO2 levels, save trees, and save animal habitats.

All incel issues are also caused by lack of hemp. If enough females were doing pot daily, then there would be no more incels. Pot increases the chances of females agreeability and less chance of rejecting incels.

Weed should be legal but god damn I cannot stand stoners.

I don’t know when it started to happen but the annoying stoner archetype is almost exclusively women now.

Dudes will smoke a spliff with their mates, laugh and chill.

Bitches will take one hit of a spliff and describe an acid trip. Hoes will claim they ascended to the astral plane and sucked off god.

I really don’t like drug culture

have you tried drugs?

I’ve only ever smoked cannabis myself but I don’t like the feeling of being intoxicated.

If I ever get the chance I’d probably do a stimulant like cocaine though.

Maybe I’d try a very small dose of an opiate.

haha yea

makes sense