Helpful Pride

I haven’t been active in a while because I’ve been so focused on my own life, but I was wondering if any of y’all had something you could be proud of? Currently I’m finishing up my last year of highschool, and marching band, and sticking with it has been one of the few things I’m genuinely proud of…
Do any of you guys have something that you look back on, or have currently, that just… makes you feel proud?
Even if it’s from years ago, please let me know of those times when you were genuinely proud of something you did!

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Being (and genuinely feeling like) the smartest kid in my elementary school. Just being that guy who could do reading, writing, spelling, math better than pretty much everyone.

Of course I graduated high school… then graduated community college… then graduated university… then got into a somewhat competitive work program re-entering university.

My achievements pretty much boil down to education.

I can’t really look back on anything with much happiness other than my childhood. Those ages of 5 to 12 weren’t perfect at all, because I didn’t get along with classmates and didn’t stand up for myself much despite being one of the tallest kids at the time. My childhood felt closer to a normal life than what I have now because at least that matches the description of “life is a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs” instead of being stuck in a dark swamp indefinitely post-puberty.

I’m glad you have something that you could look back upon fondly! Education is cool to have achievements in because that’s something you will always have with you.
And about that rollercoaster thing, maybe life isn’t always about the twists, turns, and excitement that goes on? What’s “normal” to one person is probably not normal to another, and I find a boring life perfectly acceptable! Like, to be honest, I’m a Hobbit at heart so adventure and change is not my cup of tea.
But anyway, yeah! Education is a wonderful thing, and if that’s what you can be proud of, then be proud of it! You worked hard for your achievements!

By “life is like a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs” I mean that the average person has a mixture of good days and bad days. Virtually all my days are pretty bad in terms of how I feel. Instead of the default feeling being neutral, it is just depression, indifference, and lethargy.

I despise so called “twists, turns, and excitement” purely for the sake of change. I was talking about things outside of one’s control, bad luck, etc. But no, I definitely avoid changing things up when the choice is mine. I want a “boring” life too. I’d be happy with my routines indefinitely, just without the issues I have.

My education hasn’t paid off at all yet, but it is supposed to starting next year. So I am happy it is almost over, but I may have done things differently if I had the opportunity to restart.

I build rockets sometimes