Hellooooo introduction

Hello lovely peoples!!!

How are you today?

I shall introduce myself. I work in mental health. I’m not an incel or anything I just find it both interesting and heart breaking at the same time and want to help somehow. If you need someone to talk to I’m an excellent listener. If you want to hang out and practice social skills/confidence im down. :slight_smile:


I might need your help. Not related to mental health and I’m not an incel either. Ima PM you if it’s okay


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Damn I don’t think we can PM people on here. If we can, I can’t find the option

Check. I think I did.

what is your job in mental health?


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I’ve done many nursing, counselling, case work, recreation, rehabilitation work, therapist ect. I like changing it up.

What is your opinion on psychiatry?

I work in psychiatry?

In the United states, psychiatry and psychology are separate fields of practice. Psychiatrists are supposedly more medically oriented and mostly prescribe psychotropic drugs. Therapists and psychologists on the other hand are more trained in sociology and psychology and cannot prescribe psychotropic meds.

so they are basically asking you if you prescribe psychotropic drugs to patients or if you do psychoanalysis or both

Nice to meet you, have fun!

No only doctors can prescribe.