Hello, Incelistan

Well, hello. Call me Stahl. I’m an Arab fellow. I speak Arabic, English and German. I’m learning Latin too. I am interested in linguistics, retrogaming, anime, history, and metal.

I don’t usually speak about this in real life but since this is the internet, I guess I’ll let it out. I love Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica. Ever since I heard her voice and saw her, I started feeling more and more of an attraction towards her. I wish to see her and touch her. I may be considered a standardcel/volcel since the only female I love like that is her. I want to push my hand through her soft blue hair and see her blush and smile…

Most people to me seem to be one dimensional assholes. Of course there are needles in the haystack but still…
You guys seem nice so I guess I’ll stick around. See you guys.

Edit: Oh nice half the thing is about how much I love Sayaka. Nice.


Welcome aboard!

You’re right, we’re nice here.

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Hello Stahl, welcome to incelistan.


Another latincel. Very welcome.

I don’t remember writing this. Strange feeling.

No take backs