Hello everyone

Hey so a bit about myself. I’m a 26 year old guy. I’ve had one relationship before so I have had sex but it was when I was 18 so it was a while ago. I’m terrible in any kind of social situation and that’s the biggest contributor to my lack of success as I can’t even bring myself to try dating. I watched the BBC documentary tonight and was surprised to see that there’s a non-violent incel forum. I liked the sound of that and wanted to talk to people dealing with similar issues so here I am.


you saw it on TV?

Welcome Mr. Fapmaster

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Yeah I saw it on TV. It was on BBC one or two earlier tonight

jesus christ… that doc was so bad lol

It could have been worse. I thought it was just going to focus fully on the darker side of the incel community

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welcome my dude

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if you know your problem is social skills then what are you doing to improve them?

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If anyone needs help or wants to work on social skills lmk! I love social skills. Or even stuff like practicing for job interviews, recreation, ■■■■■■ strategies ect ect. I want to be useful at helping!


oh well