Hello everybody

Was told to join this site so I thought I’d come check it out. I’m a trans man working with some serious physical and mental health issues that makes irl communications hard. Good to see you all though don’t know how active I’ll be.



They probably said that because our subtitle used to be ‘incels are LGBT’ XD

We do have an inordinate amount of lgbt people here

yoo buddy

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seems like @Love was inviting people today

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Yayyyyy you came!

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I did!


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I’m interested in hearing a little bit more about you and your story.

Have you been shy of men, women, or both?

Being shy can be really hard. Sometimes exposure therapy can help. Have you ever tried something like that?

Also I hope you are doing ok, I went through the same stuff when I was your age, things do get better.

Sometimes it can also be helpful to think of ourselves as not disabled or shy, it helps remove a lot of barriers to get around labels :slight_smile:

I’m shy of basically everybody but with conditions. If its just one or two people and I know I will likely not see them again (like a stranger at the bus stop) I can speak though with some anxiety. Or if I’m filling some role like I’m volunteering then I can speak some and it sounds natural though anxiety is still present. However if its a group and I have no role or if I know I will be seeing someone again then I have a hard time getting a single sentence out and when I do speak my voice comes out shaky or forced its visible I have anxiety. I haven’t done strict exposure therapy but this is something I’m working on in therapy. I’m supposed to start with online calls for now. Which I have a couple groups I can attend. Then move up to in person. So similar to exposure therapy. I’ll prob also need to work on emdr to work on underlying causes but that’ll be a few months yet.

Appreciate the tip. Hope you are good as well.


Sounds like you like predictability and/or control in social situations.

Did you go to a big or small school?

Can’t argue with that.
I went to several different mid size schools. On the larger size I guess.

Hi everyone. Just got back on, was on the discord and couldnt get back on my account after new server.

Hi! I’m glad you could make it on but did you maybe mean to start a new thread? This is a response to my aging introduction so I don’t think you are going to get much visibility here.