Having very low self esteem that you

Think you mog almost everyone at being the worst

You avoid looking in the mirror and taking pictures

Haven’t taken a shower in 2 months
Rarely brush teeth

And avoiding clothes that make you look good or fashionable

Hate normies who never seem to get what real struggle is

I haven’t been doing all that great either.
sorry you’re having a hard time.

I think some of those things you not doing are self defeating. try doing a few things on that list and see if you feel a little better.
granted it will be temporary, but… “if you do not change your direction, you will end up where you’re headed”
try changing your routine a little and see if doesn’t take your mind off ‘the usual’ things.

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Well colour me shocked.

Good point though.

They really need to at least brush their teeth. Teeth falling out early on will only reduce their attractiveness further.

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why? what do you mean?

I was being sarcastic.

Evidently you haven’t tried taking your own advice and going gay yet.

haha, no I haven’t…
are you flirting with me???


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Never ate a taco. :frowning:


Yes. AFAIK taco is Mexican (or Spanish?) food and those are very rare here in Brazil. I never went to a Mexican restaurant at all.

Yeah it’s Mexican. I’d send you tacos if they would stay fresh but they wouldn’t lol

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Yes, I am think i am doing better with hygeine tbh ty

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Youre a nurse right? why are nurses so nice?

By education yes but I don’t really practice it. And it depends on the nurse. Some are amazing and others hate their life.

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you hate ur life ? also over for me, I have limited access to internet and outside connection so sorry

Depends on the day.

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forgot what I was gonna say but u seem mean now

How am I mean?

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