Had sex. Lost my virginity to a prostitute

Formerly 24 and couldn’t take it anymore. So what now? I’m not really that ugly i’m just too impatient and weird for relationships.

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How much did it cost?
Do you feel any improvement now that you’ve done it?
Will you see her again?

What do you mean, “what now?” Come on you boob. The point of getting a hooker is to demystify the idea of sex so you stop being so obsessed with it n. When you next go looking for a qt gf, your mind will be that much clearer for like 2 months or so.

Did you like it?

It is legal where I live so it was fairly cheap

Not really improvement per se, but i’m glad I went through with the whole thing, especially if I haven’t contracted anything. Will get myself tested just in case. And no I won’t see her again.

Unfortunately it might have been demystified to the point where I don’t feel like it’s worth all the effort anymore. The blowjob felt great but the rest was just ok.

It kinda felt like nothing.

congrats boyo

Good work, tbh. Even if I pay for it I would be nervous.

It really is just like masturbating into a loose ■■■■ while exercising
Not that great unless ur into each other

Ride that warm feeling wave and use it for flirting. Practice on older women at first.

Brother I lost mine to a girl that is now a guy (I’m dead serious). Thanks to this ongoing LGBTQ Tranny bs. Imagine how I feel. You good. At least you lost yours to a mentally sane person.

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Was she like a tomboy?

She used to fuckin study in my school. She was so fucking hot. She was a feminist too though so I’m not surprised she became a man. But nah she was really hot. She hung around mostly nerds though.

I have only ever been on a date with a chick who thought she was a dude so can identify

Are all feminists like this though?

still need to get this virginity over with


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gonna show that chart on dates

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you should find a tight virgin instead.

Still i am a virgin and dont even know what sex feels like so still better than me

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