Graphics cards used or new?

What are the risks associated with a used graphics card? I had mobo’s and hard drives die out on me but I don’t know the risks associated from buying a video graphics card from someone with unknown use and dubious origin. Are the ones used in bitcoin mining have short life expectancy? what is the first thing that usually fails if it does stop working, etc.?
Thinking about upgrading mine to do nice MMD renders, thinking 1060 specifically or a equivalent. the used is like a third of its price.

Coil whine, 1-2 year lifespans

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in comparison to new, less likelihood of coil whine and 3-4 year life span?

newer cards often have 3-4 year warranties, and you can sometimes RMA them for coil whine. If you’re gonna buy used, ask about coil whine, cuz it’s annoying as all hell.

there’s some good threads out there comparing failure rates by brand and model of GPUs, some are in the 20% failure rate range, and others in the 0.5% failure rate range.

GPUs just have really high failure rates. Working in hardware repair for a few years, I know there are just entire lines of graphics cards that are just doomed to die after x months or years. Often it’s an assembly line issue, such as people at a Chinese factory pressing the die too hard on the chip, cracking it.

I just buy new for the warranty, unlike CPUs which almost never die. You can get some new 2015-launched AMD cards for under $300 plus multi-year warranty, and they’ll play most things.

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is a 3080 rtx good for crypto mining?

Tbf i find the idea of crypto mining patently absurd, its polluting the environment for no valid reason to get digital money to use in a fictional society founded on greed. At least using GPU to game is polluting for valid reasons. You can also have optimized games that dont really use much GPU, on the other hand crypto mining tends to use a lot more resources.

Switch to nuclear energy and this will all go away. You can play pretend with your fake monopoly digital money and have it mined till ur gpu is blind. They are trying to build a nuclear superreactor that will power the whole world. Also tbf, fake monopoly crypto money is still more real and legitimate than fiat currency.

been giving it more pondering. My final conclusion is that cryptocurrency is good and necessary for the future, anyone who opposes it is backwards. My main complain of cryptocurrency is this.

complaint 1: mining. There is no reason to mine crypto which pollutes by using power for that. Just create crypto with all the coins already in circulation.

complaint 2: privacy. OG crypto is good, its against banking and corporate parasitism and allows people to control their own money. The whole point of crypto should be enhanced privacy and personal control. Reducing privacy by forcing people to comply to KYC and government regulations is the opposite of what crypto was intended for.

Therefore, if you oppose it for the 2 reasons I mentioned, you are valid and your reasoning is valid. But if you oppose crypto itself you are backwards. Crypto technology is good and the future. You should only oppose the corrupt government regulations and their lobbyists attempting to conform to the banking and corporate parasitism which are trying to regulate and remove your financial privacy.

hmm i see. I simultaneously hope you do well with mining but also have to wish for the success of the ozone and planet too. Overall I believe crypto tech is good and necessary technology for the future. Will be easier once the nuclear super reactor is created and then computers will not pollute the ozone.