Gpl social media sites and anime social media sites

Trying to look back on the alternative social media sites that I have explored in the last couple years by looking at my password list. There is a list of websites that exists as a federation via gnu social and co. (mastodon,diaspora and so forth) but the websites are unrecognizable or does not exist anymore. is down, I remember a anime site that’s like half IB and forum in the .moe domain, they had nice anesthetics, gnusocial which is barely recognizable last time I checked, gab which I never really went to. There’s mastodon which I prefer not to use anymore. There’s these blog sites that was part of the federation but I couldn’t recall what they are, one of the mascots was a unicorn for one of the softwares.
I’m trying to do some soul searching and find those sites again but I fear they went down due to the covid stuff.
Ah, freespeechextremist is still up and it looks like the network is still there. How do I migrate my account from to there?

do Discourse forums count as part of the GPL spirit? Or what does it take to become part of that network.

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I thought “the network” means that you can actually communicate with people across the network. So people that set up accounts across domains could read posts from accounts in other domains. and people (users) can filter other domains as they wish. When I see stuff like @ I think it’s linked to another domain that they post from. Discourse forums doesn’t seem to have this. Seems like everyone posts and only people who visit the specific domain (type in URL) could read them.


since gab now uses mastodon does that make it part of the fediverse?

If you join a major Mastodon instance right now, chances are you won’t be connected to Gab. “All the admins that I know, that I interact with myself, have already blocked Gab,” says Rochko — including Mastodon.Social. “Essentially, they’re isolated.”

huh… interesting

Yeah, I don’t like mastodon censoring things either. They should make it clear to its users that it’s curating their content to its users much in the same vein that other mainstream social media companies are. If it’s users want to filter it that’s fine but if the server admins and site owners want to I see that as a abuse of power over the users. I know it’s a private server and all but it’s more or less providing a public service, providing a means of communication for the public at a time where it’s technically illegal to go out and talk with more than 20 people in certain jurisdictions. I remember being on another fediverse instance where the users like to troll gabbers to see how they react.