Good article about anti viral masks explains again why life is so shit, and why incels exist

Across China and in Hong Kong, but also as far afield as San Francisco and Rome, stores shelves have been swept clean of face masks amid surging demand. This has given rise to a simple question, but no easy answers: how to address the mask shortage so that those who need them can get them?

This is correct. I have looked all over for masks and literally all online stores and local stores are out of stock near me.

approach, offered by most economists, is to let market forces do the work. This means allowing sellers to charge higher prices in response to surging demand. Basic economic theory posits that when demand outstrips supply, producers tend to raise prices. Those who can and want to pay the higher price—for example, people at the highest risk of exposure or transmission—get their hands on the scarce masks. Prices rise until a new equilibrium is reached—that is, when demand again matches supply.

This is why women are able to ‘‘charge’’ so much for access to her body, i.e be chad or be very wealthy or very powerful. Its why literal millionaire college athletes are hitting up your local becky on tinder.

Eggs are in very high demand, like these facial masks. A woman produces only hundreds of eggs in her life, while a man produces millions of sperm, eggs are the masks, sperm are the consumers of the masks, hence inequality, inceldom and sexual starvation for the mass of men.

Why is our healthcare system so filled with inequality? small supply of doctors, mass demand of doctors.

Why is our dating market so unequal? small supply of eggs, mass demand of eggs.

Why is our job market so unequal? small supply of jobs, mass demand of jobs.

This proves that all human existence is truly deep down, is a competition for limited resources.

Not really an explanation, since there are equal number of females and males.

Real and full explanation is something else.

but women produce very limited fertile eggs. So men want sex, which is just a drive for reproduction, but women have a very limited resource, so it doesn’t matter if the ratios are equal. Hell even colleges with 70% females only the top 1% of men get laid.

That is a very silly explanation. Women running out of eggs has nothing to do with anything,
every time a woman orgasms or masturbates, she doesnt suddenly run out of eggs. Its not like she must plan her masturbations in order to preserve her eggs.

women don’t run out of eggs in their lifetime, but they have a small supply and men have a high demand for her eggs, so since she has a high demand, she can set a high price, i.e be very powerful, wealthy, and provide her genes with the best chance of survival. What do you not get by this?

Its a ridiculous theory, because women can masturbate 100x times a day, or only 1 time a day, eggs will be the same, eggs are not dependendent on masturbation, or how much times she has an orgasm, so it has no effect on dating at all

you don’t know what the point of masturbation is? all masturbation is, is a temporary relief of spreading your genetics. Nature gives you a painful urge (hornyness) that you can’t relieve with sex all the time, so you use masturbation as a proxy. Just cuz women fap a lot doesn’t mean they will go out and have sex with a bunch of men, their genes still want them to reproduce with the alpha of the tribe.

Wtf. What the fuck did i say that lead you to come to this conclusion? How utterly ridiculous.

Yeah in other words, 2+2=4. Dogs masturbate as well. Sorry but you don’t win the debate especially not by sidestepping with odd tangents.

both male and female monkeys masturbate. But just because female monkeys masturbate, doesn’t mean she is having sex with most of the male monkeys, her genes are still directing her to reproduce with the alpha monkey in the troop. male monkeys get so desperate for sex but cant get sex with female monkeys because they go only reproduce with one male. So they have to hump female deer. Look up ‘‘monkey humps female deer’’ if you don’t believe me.

So just like female monkeys, homo sapien females masturbate, how ever this has no bearing on the act of sex, which is a mechanism for reproduction, which they only do with chads or alphas.

There are 100 eggs. That means there are 100 women with 100 eggs. And 100 men.
That means there are 10,000 eggs, but 100 men. So no doesn’t explain anything sorry.

Females have less T, and male monkeys look like monkeys, like who lusts for that. Like only some extremely high T monkey would be able to lust for that.

yes so think of it like this. 100 women only make 10,000 eggs, and 100 men make 10 million (probably hundreds of millions of sperm) and these sperms are competing for those limited eggs. So only 1 of those men out of the 100 is going to have viable sperm.

What that makes no sense.

That is not a valid explanation why female hypergamy exists.

Like 1 woman has 100 eggs, so she could have sex with all 100 men and give 1 egg to each man.

There are 10,000 eggs in total, and 100 men. So your theory based on supply and demand does not explain this phenomenon.

A woman only produces 1 egg per month. Lets say shes looking to get pregnant. She only has one male to choose, but she has 10,000 guys on tinder offering to impregnate her, since she has such a limited resource, she can raise her price and get the best offer.

you’re also forgetting the millions of sperm which over saturates the market and makes her have to choose the cream of the crop. Think of a job posting that recieves 100,000 applicants. They only choose the cream of the crop.

That doesn’t explain it, its like circular reasoning or something.
Its like saying female hypergamy exists because of hypergamy.

Females have 10,000 tinder applicants because of hypergamy in the first place.

its seriously this simple.

Eggs (Women)= Short supply+ High demand

Sperm (Men)= High supply+ Low demand

This creates an imbalance, like the gini coeffecient. The tinder economy is very unequal because it reflects pure human sexuality, 99/1 theory.

The only point im trying to make is women have low supply and high demand, just like those face masks, which means the majority of the people won’t have access to the masks just like how doctors in china right now literally have to use plastic bags because the masks are so hard to acquire.

No it doesnt explain it.

Because there are 100 women and 100 men. Therefore an equal amount, even if she only gets 1 egg a month there will still be 100 women and men. If there are an equal amount of women and men it doesn’t explain hypergamy like that, pregnacy lasts 9 months anyway.

so you tell me why hypergamy exists. and dont say men look like apes because in apes the males and females look the same except the male is larger and the female smaller. Most men and women would look the same phenotypically if women didn’t have make up.

I said this earlier, yes male and female monkeys look the same. But human males and females do not look the same.

For male and female monkeys, hypergamy exists because males have more T. Again, monkeys have brains similar to humans. Female monkeys dont lust for male monkeys because male monkeys have ape-like aesthetics. The only reason male monkeys lust for female monkeys is because the T causes them to ignore the flaws of the female monkey’s aesthetics. This does not explain hypergamy, only explains why the females dont feel much attraction to the males of the species.

Well I agree that the male sex drive in animals makes them want to spread their genes more, therefore overlooking poor genetic material. So we aren’t really disagreeing, but obviously hypergamy stems from genetics and millions of years of a tournament species sexual selection.

It’s true. Women are more choosey because biologically women invest a lot more into a relationship. Pregnancy is 9 months and then having to breast feed it and raise a child for years after that whereas men have less responsibility. Men don’t have to be pregnant for 9 months, men don’t breast feed and have to be awake all night. Men can get multiple women pregnant at the same time, but a women can only be pregnant by one at a time and while breast feeding it usually prevents it from another pregnancy until after you stop. Sowomen are going to want to choose the best mate who can provide the best resources and care.