Going to get my car fixed tomorrow

Don’t feel bad, shorter bros are cool man. You’ll do just fine.

I am against eating meat but honestly in the olden days all you had to do was shoot deer over and over and you’d get gold and farm EXP that way.

Sounds so much easier compared to the modern lifestyle of driving to a factory 80 miles a day. Of course its no longer possible because there are just so many humans and not enough deer.


It still is in northern Minnesota amongst the wilderness with about 40 acres of land.

Yeah but you’d have to be rich enough to own all that land.

Well boys, I see an economic depression developing in the United States within the next four to five months. With much deliberating and thinking upon the possibility that I will not be able to find another job to increase my income I’m seriously thinking about riding my bicycle at the end of next week in January to both my current underemployed wagie job and college.

I’ve estimated it will take me 4 hours back and fourth on bicycle to travel to work.

Likewise on bicycle it will take me 6 hours back and fourth to travel to my college for school.

Is this a great country or what? Just living the dream over here with my abundance of outstanding male privilege.

On the bright side, I’ve always been trying to get back into physical shape once again. Doing this weekly no doubt will do just that overtime. Once again, fuck my life!

Well lads, I’m about to give a new definition to perseverance as I’m about to embark at the end of next week surviving off of $550.00 a month. Bullshit boomers eat your fucking hearts out with you ‘bootstrap’ asinine commentaries.

Looks like as the United States becomes another third world shithole we’re catching up with the rest of the world. Following economic and international market news the end of next year is going to be very interesting as this nation begins crashing hard, in all honesty I can’t fucking wait! I hope to live and see the day bankers jumping off of rooftops in mass along with hedge fund managers. Fuck them all!

wow you weren’t kidding when you said you make less than neetbux.

Please be sure to drink lots of water, dehydration can cause a lot of headaches and riding a bike 80 miles is nothing to sneeze at.

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6’1" and just under 200lbs at the moment (fuck Winter I guess)



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You’re tall, white and don’t have gynecomastia. You should be dating women.

I’ll create a topic about gynecomastia, it’s something that bothers me deeply.

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5"9 blonde with a red beard and currently two hundred pounds, although I am low on food where by the beginning of the next month I’ll be back down to a hundred ninety pounds once again.

If I have to ride a bicycle everywhere I might even get down to a hundred and eighty five pounds by the middle of next month.

I am down to my last ten pounds of potatoes to eat to get me through the rest of the month.

Needless to say, I am getting real tired of eating fucking potatoes. I’m shitting and farting out potatoes everyday now. It’s a huge inconvenient problem.

Down to my last ten cigarettes with no hope of buying more, fuck my life.

All I have is water, potatoes, and a shit load of ranch dressing. I think that I might have a box of oatmeal stores away also.

You also have your high IQ intellect and your hate for females.


cigarettes are bad mk

for the withdrawals have you tried calling the blight hotline? There is supposedly a blight hotline for poor people in america.

also tbh im triggered. there was a hot stacie who smoked cigs now every time i hear about cigs i think of her fml


It’s going to have to suffice unfortunately to get me through the rest of the month. Thankfully I still have the internet.

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I should probably quit smoking cigarettes but I’m not ready to at the moment.

It’s my only drug of choice, surprisingly I don’t drink any alcohol at all hardly.

Honestly I am amazed that in this portion of my life that I’m not a raging alcoholic.

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yeah i used to drink booze but not anymore, booze is boring and only helps to socialize at parties


I always imagine people as their avatar. You’re this guy in your gif, DarthDva is a 2d waifu, tables is an abstract being, ThatsLife is a handsome nigger, Samiles is Sayori, and Restart80 is, well, himself.

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well dva is 3d, that particular pic resembles a RL photo of me i took a long time ago…basically a not-so abstract representation of how i was when i was more young and more free

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Yeah it’s not over. You have SEA and you have dieting and exercise.

I’m watching this show rn with the old white dude who is in Japan.

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SEA? What’s that?