Going to get my car fixed tomorrow

Basically should my run down car break down I am fucked where living in a rural area I will have no way to travel to work or school. I would essentially end up homeless overnight which for me is nothing new considering the nine years I was already previously homeless before.

I guess that’s what having male privilege looks like.

I’m really hoping it’s only spark plugs because I can’t afford any huge repairs. Wish me luck guys. I fucking hate my life.

I’ve already told myself however that if I should lose everything again I’m just going to neet for the rest of my life until the United States economically implodes, New American Civil War, or World War III happens, whichever one happens first. Honestly, I don’t care anymore.

At the age of 34 this is my last line drawn into the sand as I can’t go any further where I am now. There comes a point in a man’s life where he can’t be pushed any further where all endurance of mental despair or physical stress has a limit. I’ve almost reached my own limit where I am honestly thinking about not participating in society anymore. Not going to lie to you guys, I’m living on the hair edge over here. I’m quickly on my way of becoming a total burnout.

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Car repairs didn’t work and I only have one more trick up my sleeve to get it fixed where if that doesn’t work I’m shit out of luck with zero transportation. Have a friend that can drive me to school and work for a little while upon possibly getting the vehicle fixed but that won’t last for long where it is extremely temporary.

Landlord figured out how much I am behind on bills where there is rage, anger, and hysteria in the air. Hours are being cut at work [wagie job] where I’m barely surviving month to month.

I’m told that I should find another job in this train wreck of an economy and I just can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. These older people have no idea how hard or terrible it is looking for stable employment. I’m still going to look for other employment and do due diligence in trying to find another one but in the back of my mind nothing good will come from the effort on my part.

Feeling like the walls are closing in on me you guys, I give it three months or less before I’m on the streets again.

I’m seriously thinking about going all commando when this ship finally sinks by digging myself an underground shelter with the little bit of money that I have in a random wilderness somewhere and just living like a idle homeless neet until this giant shitshow in the United States finally collapses. I see no hope or other way out of this. I’ll live out of a forest for a couple years if I have to waiting for the inevitability of this bullshit nation.

this world is total shit.

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I managed to get the vehicle fixed. I’m keeping the thing holding together with duck tape, rubber bands, and super glue.

Now I just need to find a better paying job in a collapsing and dying nation economically within two months so I don’t end up as a homeless neet again kicked out of my residence onto the streets. I also start my last year in college next week as well. This music theme below seems appropriate, mission impossible. Also, $150.00 for a license plate renewal? WTF man?

That puts me behind this month about -$500.00 altogether. Once again, fuck my life man.

Tap dancing trumpet playing Jesus Christ Jew on a stick!

Oh, and a happy fucking new year as well! I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that 2020 was going to suck balls as well. I didn’t want to believe it at first but now I am most certain it will be another bullshit year stacked up on all the other previous years that came before it against me.

Imagine a world if you will where you want to get fired because the job you’re working at is cutting everybody’s hours so bad that you would probably make more money collecting unemployment than actually working.

Imagine a world if you will where your friend collecting public disability is making more money than you are when you’re trying to hold down a job attending college at the same time.


Update on mission impossible

So I managed to pull a miracle out of my ass where I might be starting a factory job next week. This will ensure that I am able to keep up on rent, utilities, and such while attending college.
It pays a little bit more better compared to my current bullshit job.

Now for the bad news, the car is still acting up concerning engine misfiring. Basically I have to switch out all the spark plug wires and probably the entire terminal on the engine.

That’s basically $155.00 right there.

To make matters worse the new job is about forty miles away from where I live which requires a lot of highway driving where I’m almost certain that the balljoints and tie rods on my tires are going out. Wouldn’t even be surprised if the sway bars need replaced also. There’s another $300.00 I don’t know which tires where I’m going to visually inspect them tomorrow but I can definitely tell something is wearing out. I don’t even want to estimate how much money that it would take to get all of that replaced especially when we’re talking multiple tires. Probably something like $200.00 per tire.

You know it’s bad that you’re praying that you don’t die on the road just to be able to travel and get around so you can attend work or college.

You can travel this distance by bike in ~1 hour. It’s healthier and cheaper.

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Perhaps, but in our current temperature of 25 degrees that may be difficult. Maybe if it got warmer some I might attempt something like that.

I can only ride my bike if im sexually active. Many years ago I could ride a bicycle at 40 mph.
This was because I was about to get laid with a girl I liked. But then she dumped me the very next day and I never got laid. Ever since I’ve been only to ride my bike at a measly 5.

Uh that’s -3ºC, really cold. You’ll need gloves and a mask to protect your skin but it’s still doable.

Exercises also make your brain produce endorphin and serotonin. Give it a try someday. You may get happier.

I’d like to go to work by bike but unfortunately there’s no space for bikes in most of our streets.

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40 miles per hour on a bicycle? That’s impossible. More like 10 miles, so it would take you 4 hours. I’m an advocate of using bikes to travel short distances, but 40 miles is way too far. I think you’re all talking about Kilometres, but even 40km would take about 2 hours at 20km/hour.

I bike often, but not in the Winter. Snow/ice make it difficult here, and the wind is the most brutal part. Can’t even cover the face fully because your breath will soak it.

You’re right. 60 km/h is too much.

OP is likely as fat and sedentary as me so he is going to travel like 20-22 km/h at first, but he will eventually reach 30 km/h average speed.

I was using a shit used bicycle that my mom bought for $20, but I will probably be getting a new one for my birthday prior to Spring. It was too small for me as well.

Not sure how I fast I go on it, but it felt like 20-25km/hour if I had to guess.

How fat are you? Height/Weight?

A pic of myself [gore alert] [nsfw]



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Okay, looks a fair bit fatter than me.

I just meant to ask your weight in lbs.

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210 lbs, 5"7

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Keep in mind gentlemen, this is forty miles both ways equalling out to eighty miles total three days a week.

I’m a little bit lighter than you concerning overall weight.

I’m also taller at 5"9.

Well, if it gets to the point where I can’t even afford gas or vehicle insurance that could be me at the end of next month. No pressure here…

Pretty much sums things up over here.

Everyone is taller than me… jesus fucking christ.

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