Going back to college today

I’m going back to college today and with the United States economy about to take a huge shit I sometimes wonder to myself if it’s even worth it. By the time I graduate this national economy is probably going to collapse and all that I’m going to acquire is a fancy degree on paper with my name on it while I still work at the same low income paying bullshit grocery job.

Then there will be days I will be driving home from college thinking to myself all the sacrifices to become a professional career man acquiring huge sums of money if the end goal of acquiring pussy is even worth all the trouble to begin with. Is pussy, women, or females worth all of this that I’m forced to endure weekly?

The level of shit I’m forced to endure every week just to get pussy from some woman to like me is fucking absurd.

I feel like a huge collegecuck to be honest. I am starting to feel a dreaded futility in all of this and my entire existence. I’m of course going to finish college because I’ve come too far to give up now but I’m still feeling like it’s a giant waste of time or effort on my part.

I feel like all my hard work and constant sacrifices will be for not in the end.


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I can’t wait to get the fuck out in April. My final graduation for sure.

Perpetual wagecucking for minimum wage is inefficient and gay, but also aiming for a six figure salary in 2020 is a lot of work to be simply painting a target on your back for divorce rape.

I think I’ll go with neither.

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I won’t graduate until April of 2021. One more year to go…

The question becomes, is pussy even worth the squeeze anymore? I no longer have an answer for that.


I wouldn’t mind taking the occasional math course for self-improvement, but I am through with making commitments to these overbearing academic programs.

It’s not worth the squeeze. Your only realistic options/outcomes are getting lucky, going hardcore NEET (or minimalist), or suicide.

Trying to attract a female with money for a relationship is pointless. Just skip all that shit and have a prostitute. It’s literally the same thing, but cheaper/less work. Knowing that you can never be loved is liberating in this manner.

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I’m weak man, I just want to feel loved or desired by a woman.

I know it’s never probably going to happen but I desire the impossible I guess.

I’ve been with eight prostitutes before and I never felt any happier afterwards. I was still emotionally depressed.


(For the record I haven’t ever been with a prostitute)

I never said it would fix that, just that there is no difference between a golddigger and a prostitute. The only difference is delusion of love, which a rational person (i.e. delusions are nonsense and have no value) would dispel immediately hence eliminating all differences.

I survive off of my own hate. I’ve never found another way to be strong enough.

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I’d also like to report two other possible yellow/red flags, which essentially are subtle ways to test if a female is an absolute piece of fucking horse shit (for reference this occurred in both females from my other thread):

  1. A female acts disgusted or horrified by your hatred with past experiences with other females even though your hatred is completely justified. This indicates that she is afraid of you because of what she might be planning to do, when really it should be irrelevant as long as she isn’t a POS herself.

  2. A female attempts to defend females in general, and/or the friends she knows. A female has enough on her plate trying to convince you she isn’t a piece of fucking horse shit, so if she’s arrogant enough to ALSO try to argue for other females, females in general, or her friends, then you know the probability of her telling the truth is basically 0% as the odds of her knowing multiple other NAWALTS (cumulative probability and all that with a near 0% chance for just one occurrence) does in fact approximate 0%.

Just subtle things that are useful to know, and good male versions of the shit test, so-to-speak.

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If I ever did get married a prenuptial agreement is the way I would go.

I just don’t trust women period, there isn’t anything modern women exhibit that is even remotely trustworthy.

I would put a GPS tracker and monitor in their cellphone if I could get away with it.

I’m just a modern traditional guy that wants one single woman that isn’t a complete piece of shit.

It’s amazing how difficult this has become for men everywhere.


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I don’t even think a prenuptial agreement is enough anymore due to the legal precedent of them failing to hold.

You’d have to be making less money than the female just so the law cannot be turned against you. Then maybe put some kind of prenuptial agreement on top of that and whatever else possible to defend yourself. I’m not an expert on law but that is looking like the new gold standard at a glance tbh. This is the stage we’re entering in where females are going to start to hate feminism themselves because suddenly there’s nothing left to exploit.

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What can I say? This world is entirely fucked up man.

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It’s fucking retarded, but just as in the case of the 1984 dystopian story, we have our euphemisms and doublespeak.

Apparently this is what they are calling “progress.”

It’s an odd way of spelling degradation for sure.

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I want a prenup too.

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@Zero_Sum I’m not loosing half my shit :thinking::smirk:

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TBH, unless you really like a job that pays at least 60k

At least where I live, the competition starts at 60k and above. You could be NEET with a negative net worth and get tons more attention than a dude making $40k

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Yeah, I see where you’re coming from however as a woman you won’t have to worry much because just by being female western court systems cater or favor you over men by design.


I would disagree with that since i already lost my stuff in a split before. I lost more than half. So now I’m guarding my assets.

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