Going back into education FOR FREE just to learn stuff that interests you


I know a lot of people are NEETs because of:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Other major mental health problems
  3. Physical disabiltiies

I have all three.

However, now there is online learning. Anyway, I have always taken an interest in the constitution, and American history in general. Hillsdale College offers FREE couses in these areas, all online, at your own pace. No strings attached, I mean, all of this is totally FREE.

Also, I have learned so much from the internet from a lot of sources. Just factcheck everything you read and you will be fine. And what about the library? Libraries are also free. Theyre practically empty thesedays, so don’t wory about your anxiety, head in there, and fill your mind with knowledge.

There’s no reason really for ANY of us to be NEET. I am almost 40 but I have the GI bill and I only need 3 courses to finish my bachelors. I am going to do this online. I know I wont be able to work after it, becasue I am seriously disabled, but hell, I will be a BACHELORS GRADUATE, which to me is huge. Its nice to accomplish things.

Anyway, I have always tried to be a non-hateful, stay positive incel. Sometimes its difficult. I was lost in my city today and I asked 10 women for directions and NOBODY would help me. Just because of the way I look. I couldn’t figure it out even using my GPS and finally some Baby Huey looking guy, God bless him, helped me find where I needed to be going. I later saw him at a bus stop, and I almost wanted to give him a ride to wherever he was headed, but you know, I don’t know, he was 4x my weight and its not easy to trust a stranger in your vehicle. But just some guy asking for directions? What in the fuck?

So yeah I am ■■■■■■■■■■■ personally but I am also a Catholic and I have good standing morals and I care about my fellow man. I know if I was born in another era I would have definitely ascended, even as ugly as I am. My father did it! Shit was just easier back then. I need a Delorean so I can go back.

So as you can see, I am ranting a bit, but my paragraph above has some valid points… Remove one of the E’s out of NEET, at least! Red pilled self improvement!

Incel power,


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good job dude. more power to you. I think you can do it, and I think it’ll feel great to accomplish things even if it doesn’t pay you.
good luck.


After I finish my last dedicated program (Bachelors in Education; after my Psychology one, this means I will have 2 university degrees), I plan on taking some math courses for self-improvement and open up more opportunities for math teaching. As a free person after early 2020, just taking a few individual courses. Basically learning Linear Algebra and Calculus, which is inherently valuable knowledge. I guess one goal I have always had is wanting to make my own game at some point in life. A vague goal, but that knowledge would be useful if I ever went through with it.

But yeah being NEET sucks. I don’t think any Incel should be ■■■■■■■, but at least play it smart and try to make some good money for yourself on the hour. One thing I am doing is rather than move out of my parent’s house and pay a shit load on rent, we are going to renovate the garage and I will be able to live there for much less rent and be able to save a lot of money.