Global stock market watch - general thread

At the end of a national emergency proclamation initiated by Donald Trump the stock market surged two thousand something points because supposedly 'mission is accomplished ’ now where the United States government supposedly is in control where everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows from here on out.

Donald Trump of course took credit for today’s stock market rally so much that he decided to autograph a copy sending it to the political talk show host Lou Dobbs afterwards.

Of course when we compare today’s greater fools, suckers, or bear stock market rally with the last two months it really isn’t anything to brag about.

And again, this.

Bottom line is that this greater fools, suckers, and bear market rally won’t last the weekend where come Monday morning or Tuesday morning the latest it will be right back on to falling over a cliff once again. Once this happens there will be no more reversals thereafter.

Few people realize that before the 1929 stock market crash there was a momentary or temporary rise in the stock market where everybody thought things were going to be fine once again for a short period of time before it took a huge permanent nose dive afterwards. This will be a repeat but of a much greater or larger magnitude.

I’m predicting now that Monday will be a very Blue Monday to be sure. If not Monday, definitely by Tuesday.

Stock market is for boomers.

Millennials, zoomers and gloomers dont have enough money to invest, and if they did they have no talent or future to invest in anyway


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keep your stock posts to a single thread pls. you can post more than 3 times in a row to that single thread

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Which thread? I’ll make sure this is the last thread where there is no more after this one.

you can just rename the title of this thread or start one more new one.

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Is it alright that I keep this one making no more afterwards and you allow no post limit here?

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Thanks man, you’re the best!

Still waiting for your reply on how to make money from home.

Was doing that weeks ago, I’m done with teaching that

But the short answer is mturk, prolific, and usertesting

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IRL jobs are preferrable as they can be 100x easier.

But these sites are for when you absolutely must work from home with no experience


Got my favorite video game all set up, should keep me occupied the next twelve months at least.



Update: Spain and France have joined Italy going on full nationwide lockdown.

Trump has included Ireland and the U.K. for travel bans.

Donald Trump has undergone Coronavirus testing, the results won’t be in for another two days to be made public.

Update: The Pentagon is limiting staffing to its offices, and in the meantime soldiers are being told not to leave military bases or travel outside them.


Update: The first lady of Spain has tested positive for Coronavirus.

How many heads of state does this make now, three?

Donald Trump tested negative for the virus. [ Wow, those test results came in very quick, imagine that. How very peculiar…]

Update: France is reporting that up to 50% of its ICU Coronavirus patients are under the age of fifty five where some of them are within the age group of 16-25 years old. So the narrative that it only affects older people is completely bogus.


Continuing the past thread that was deleted, if you have coronavirus you should have told your boss. Then if your boss didn’t give the paid vacation you could try to sue.

If you don’t have pain in chest, blue lips, runny nose, or shortness of breath you don’t have the virus.

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Well, the good news is that the violent diarrhea and shits are gone where I’m currently dancing to music watching the world burn.

I’ve never felt more great to be honest.

If you don’t have a cough you don’t have corona.

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