Glitterpill VS pussypill

So we all know what both pills are about.

Glitterpill is about looksminimum, lowering your looks stats to appease normies and their lowIQ trends

Pussypill is the highIQ notion that females have different vagina types, and genitalsmatch is more important than looksmatch.

What do you prefer? HighIQ pussypill or lowT and lowIQ Glitterpill?

I prefer to marry a caring and fertile woman, buy a house countryside and live with her and our kids, far away from this modern degeneracy.

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Pussypill is not against degeneracy, it is more or less degeneracymaxxing.

Anyway, yesterday I started gymcelling, so I will lose weight and reach 5/10 PSL legit score

But I am.

So you prefer Glitterpill?

Maybe because darthDVA is your forum online friend and you want to oppose outsiders just for the sake of it.

Well, my pussypill is better, more advanced, and soon will be recognized by sane highIQ people as the best pill out there

I’m against glitter pill too. See

I like looking ogre-ish, and besides that I think glitter pill is ultimately cucked because it’s meant to satisfy women – Dva believes women are sexually attracted to anime-ish looking men and that’s why he invented glitter pill.

I’ll count this as one vote for my pussypill idea. Thank for your support and good luck with your penismaxing

2nd strike. Double treason. You said you were gonna help me with glitter pill and this is what you do after only 2 days. 2 fucking days…

pussypill lower iq than bluepill.

Women have worn clothes since the dawn of time, there’s no way to see pussy until after already chosen the girl to have sex with.

Second, looks of pussy don’t matter unless your obsessed with licking vagina.

I know you misgender me on purpose. I no longer expect ogres (such as yourself) to behave like civilized human beings. They are ogres.

Glitterpill is not clucked, wanting to satisfy women is not clucked. Your malicious male agenda is what is clucked, do you really think keeping males as ogres is going to solve the incel problem?

Second of all, there are some women who resist the glitterpill because they demand chads, so your argument isn’t even true.

Your looks level is 9/10 according cis trad women. Yet you are incel because homosexual and rate women 2/10 and less attracted to women than cis trad women.

Your looks level is 9/10 according to trad women. Yet incel. Societal values of tradwomen are unhelpful to you, yet you cluck and demand ogremaxxing and cater to this female tradcon ogre idealogy. Yet you claim you are not tradcon.

Incelwiki states:

" The Less Difference Between the Sexes, the Less of a Problem Feminism Becomes

Otto Weininger argued that in humans, the less sexually dimorphic the genders, the less of a problem female sexual liberation becomes. Whereas, if there is high sexual dimorphism in humans, female sexual liberation leads to agitation, domestic abuse against husbands, and corruption of the arts and science by feminine women expressing vanity and seeking male attention.

The problem is that sexually liberated women naturally promote sexual dimorphism, which is widely known as the gender equality paradox. So obviously, freeing the sexual marketplace isn’t the first step to a free sexual market without civilizational decline. In order to establish women a free sexual market peacefully, if such a thing were desirable, first attention should be paid to reducing sexual dimorphism or sex differences, even if that means reducing female sexual choice temporarily. If such a change were made permanent, and there was very little sexual dimorphism between the sexes, to the point of almost not being able to distinguish between the sexes, female sexual liberation would probably not lead to civilizational decline, or at least the kind that we see now."

You’re lowIQ. Pussypill is promoting facial analysis studies for a good reason, we must understand how to relate facial features and phenos to pussy shape. Of course we may even earn a Nobel prize if we succeed.

The pussypill has been around for a year or so, and I already am questioning how to guess pussy shape correctly in the absence of leggins and porn

this is unironically retardation. I dont think there is any genetic link between facial features and pussy shape.

Maybe we should investigate about skin type, drawing some conclusions on pussy texture.

It is hard to study this matter, I won’t deny it. I am struggling too because I have insufficient data

Your post seems to be decently motivated and very well organized so I am forced to agree with you.

I don’t see why we should feminize men, instead we can promote masculinization of females, afterall only their pussy matters

Women need more testosterone but not full masculinization. Full masculine females become retarded terfs.

From what I researched, feminine women hate penis and masculine women hate penis, you want women to be a mix of feminine and masculine women.

Males need to be feminized for multiple reasons. 1. Toxic personality and 2. Ogre aesthetics are inherently bad. Some trad or ghetto women praise ogre aesthetics but their sexuality about ogres is incoherent, usually instead gravitating to chads. Ie. if a brain is attracted to ogres its probably not going to have a coherent sexuality and also demand high standards for males like confidence and a lot of money.

As for male toxicity, alpha males should be toxic (healthy toxicity cleans cancer, similar to how breathing bleach is toxic) but 99% of males should not be toxic. Furthermore, males are too masculine and they talk in a boring monotone in youtube videos, this boring monotone is bad especially in british males.

What? Males aren’t ogres. Look at Gandy, he is refined and masculine without being lowIQ ogre, probably has a decent penis too.

He isn’t “toxic” but very polite and cultured. We want men to be more like him, not like the lowIQ Jersey shore type.

As for females, you maybe are correct to identify the masculine ones as terfs, because that’s what I noticed too, and it became common knowledge after a while.

You are 9/10 looks male according to tradwomen standards, yet still incel. Stop catering to tradwomen standards. Embrace male lesbianism instead

The vast majority of women I met prefer david bowie chads instead of normal chads.