Girl at chicken shop gave me back extra change on my wings kinda feeling like a Chad right now

She gave me back almost as much as I gave her (which wasn’t much admittedly just 3 wings)

She must like me and want me to come back to her shop <3

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cool, good luck.

?? What’s this? No “■■■■ she just mistaken gave you too much change” or no “She just felt sorry for your subhuman ass lol @you”?

What kind of incel forum is this?
This is an incel forum isn’t it?

Not everyone is a skeptic bro bro

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I mean she could have just been being nice. I like the dopamine I get off of knowing I did a good deed for a stranger. Its not necessarily a romantic interest thing but its worth a shot. You miss all the shots you dont take

I think awhile ago I went to MacDonald’s to order fries (not something I do often), and the female taking my order called me some nice name like “sweetie” or something similar. It was awhile ago so I don’t remember exactly.

one time i ran out of change at a grocery store and a girl gave me some free change. I dont embrace incel idealogy that all women are bad.

I was too beta to just straight up say the facts, which is that i wanted to fuck her right in the pussy. I do agree that femnism is cancer, doesn’t allow me to say how i feel and it censors the good of society.

sitting in the car like an incel, i see a gay man walking down the sidewalk. He is a complete femboy. Girl walks outside, gay man starts talking to her. I realize he is not gay because they makeout. I starting hating myself saying “that could have been me.” Then the cluck side of me says “its for the greater good. Its a zero sum game. If i get laid that means one less person in the world is getting laid.” Then the hateful rational side of me says “He is probably a femboy chad. He probably gets laid 24/7 as an evil chad capatalist. Why not embrace communism and equality. You deserve to get laid and you fucked it up. You are a piece of shit you should kill yourself.” Then this dialogue goes on for many hours. The cluck part of me talking to the rational rageful side of me. And i am in torment. All because feminism and masculinism ruined my life and made me incel.