Getting a man is super easy girls! All you have to do is:

Eh, idk who does it tbh, I don’t talk to my friends about sex lol. I’ve never gotten that treatment but its cause when I used to date it’s nerdy and hippy white guys and master’s student brown guys so welp

Bro guys like ethnic girls. Why do you think Latinas are popular amongst guys

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I’m single and you can secure me as a bf right now. All you have to do is talk to me. Click on my name a direct message. I’m super lonely - I just want friends.

@katarana is single too

As a teen I was willing to accept all the feminist rhetoric if it could be some other way.

At an older, wiser age, and with a lot of research, it is evident that it can’t be any other way. Trying to teach that to boys does nothing but damage. The combination of male-shaming (i.e. lowering self-esteem) and idealism (i.e. females like shy guys) is absolutely toxic nonsense.

You’re too negative. I don’t know if it’s because of autism, looks, or something else, but even if you can’t get a woman you must be able to find something to be happy about in life!

Because latinas are sensual. No one is chasing Indian, Black or Dark Asians like that.

Then don’t expect to learn anything from the b lackpill.

Not many chads like them, but an infinite number of c ucks do. All she has to do is stop being low iq and use tinder.

The idea of ‘chasing’ particular races or ethnicities seems pretty weird. If you happen to hit it off with someone from a different background that’s one thing, but if you are actively pursuing one minority demographic to the exclusion of others it probably means you’re fetishizing them on some level, or you’re so caught up in reflection on racial types that you’re not really considering people as they are.

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Yeah I do. I spend time on video games, studies (such as math), and thinking about the world.

I mostly find joy in the past; 8-bit music for those times when I start thinking of ending it all.

I will add that, unlike you, I’ve had almost no irl experience and am virginal in addition to chronic incel.

Virgin and chronic incel? That sucks.

Lmao incels Co forum destroyed this thread

Gotta give it to em tbh

Yeah, that was a refreshing read.

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women have a pussy, amongst other orifices that any man want. Pussy inherently has more value.

Low, b ottom of the barrell men would do anything for pussy, even from a “femcel”. Femcel dont exist

Lmao all I can do is laugh.

I mean, what else can you do?

I’m glad most of the people like this have left.

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Idk I have a friend same age who’s a virgin. She’s actually my best friend. She had like 2 bfs but all they did was kiss and one touched her boob once and it was this whole big thing for her. She’s very religious and waiting for marriage but she can’t find a guy who’s willing to wait for marriage. Which actually is true guys don’t wait. I tried waiting too.

Anyways. I’ve had dinner with her before and noticed a guy looking at her and she’s like “why’s he looking at me? Do I have something on my face?” And I’m like no I think he likes you and she’s like “you sure I don’t have anything on my face?” Lol a guy bought and sent her a drink once and she was like “why would he do that? I don’t drink” and I had to explain to her that he likes her and then she was like well shit I don’t drink and she took the drink back to him and gave this random guy a lecture about religion and why she doesn’t drink lol.

This would be me in such situation


on topic:

These steps are required if you want a Chad.

You say men when you actually mean Chad because non-Chads aren’t men for you.

Men like me (short, overweight, lacking confidence) aren’t even human beings for you.

With all due respect you’re full of shit.

:frowning: you didn’t seem over weight to me

1.74 m, 95 kg. I’m not obese, but I’m overweight.

That’s not bad. And of course your a human man to me. Hope your doing ok, seem like your upset.