Getting a man is super easy girls! All you have to do is:

● Have super good facial features and good facial harmony. If you wear makeup, you’ll actually look good because you already have attractive facial features. Also, men won’t accuse you of catfishing and there won’t be a problem when they take you swimming on the first date because you’re already pretty!

● Have a good body type. Basically don’t be a rectangle or apple body type, have a completely flat stomach while still somewhat having curves and you’ll do fine! Dudes will be all over you!

● Have an great fashion sense which will accentuate your curvy figure. Yeah, you might waste a stupid amount of money doing this but who cares when you get to look “good”, right?

● Be a nice, happy, upbeat person. You’re not allowed to have any sort of struggles and you’re not allowed to vent about your feelings. Why are you venting anyway? We are women, we literally have nothing to be sad or angry about. Besides, men will get bored of your constant “nagging” when you try to talk about how you feel.

● Be a outgoing and talkative person. No guy will approach you if you come across as quiet and standoffish, you need to put yourself out there. You need to be very loud. You need to have lots of friends. It’s just “weird” if you’re a quiet loner. Men are way more likely to approach you if you’re either in a group or if you have a smile on your face at all times.

● Be athletic but not definitely too athletic.

● Be clever and have career ambitions. Yeah, you won’t need these once you get into your LTR because your husband will most likely make you stay at home with the kids while he goes to work , but it’s nice to see someone with ambition anyway.

Yeah, so those are the steps to securing a bf. See, it’s easy. Women really don’t need to do anything, right? We just exist and guys hit on us lmao kek JFL



glad I caught onto the sarcasm before you said it.

I mean, it seems like that though, as they say, “cats don’t chase dogs”
but as much as I want to say dating is so one-sided, I realize, theres more to the story than my perspective.

also, that reminds me of this:

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Tired of these. Meh, my female looksmatch would have absolutely no issues. I know this because I have 3 younger sisters (23, 18, 14) and all of them have either been asked out or have had/are having at least 1 relationship.




But your siblings aren’t autistic and thus having an easier time talking to others… You’re kinda being a disbeliever in femcels. You’re probs not unattractive, just it may be hard for people to groove with you in convo.

The 18 year old is autistic and has gender identity disorder. She actually looks somewhat masculine and very closely resembles me, only very short (5’2"). Her boyfriend recently broke up with her because he was apparently too gay for her or something (my mom suspects that anyway).

14 year old is the most annoying mini-bitch ever (and a neurotypical, basic one at that) and has said even she will have a boyfriend before I have a girlfriend. It’s like, clap clap, want a medal? Everyone already knows it is true.

Even the ugliest girl can get laid

That doesn’t apply to the ugliest guy though

Interestingly a lot of girls claim to have low self-esteem and think they are ugly, even if they’ve had relationships before.

Well if they think their self-esteem is bad…

Lol your mom’s opinion is invalid though. My parents thought my bf when I was 14 was cheating on me for no one reason and I still to this date can’t see why they’d think that.

Hot girl mega bitches win in high school, tv has taught us that lol. the more she acts like a TV character the more people will like her because it’s what we have been conditioned to think is attractive until a certain age.

All in all though, doesn’t change the fact that if you put ur face in here I’d probably be like eh, not too bad.

One of my best friends is about to turn 21 soon and she still hasn’t gotten laid and she’s 100% not ugly. She’s just a bit tall for a girl and nerdy, in a undercover weeaboo way, not facially. She really really really doesn’t know why she’s can’t get clapped though she’s super nice and shit. Some girls are incels because they get big friend-zoned.

A degree of humility is required to appreciate the interior life of people who are unlike us. If he concedes that women may also experience the pain of loneliness, and that his own pain is not uniquely substantial, the incel must renounce his claim to being a tragic hero, along with the pride and comfort this worldview supplies. It is far easier to construct elaborate cosmologies which admit only our own class of suffering as legitimate.

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Or maybe, for once in a blue moon, something doesn’t have to be about females.

A lot of them have too high standards as part of their issue, or they are incel because of external/environmental obstacles that have relatively straightforward solutions (i.e. removing those obstacles). And then people go blaming male incels for having too high standards… and it’s done so often and I don’t believe it is true at all.

Lol I haven’t laughed this hard in days

Girls in Norway and Sweden are tall as fuck and still get laid

Either your girl has some really bad energy surrounding her or she’s flat out got some kind of STD

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What’s the difference between women and men on this? Literally most people could just work on themselves and boom.

also why are you pissed about everything being about women in the femcel section lel

Naw we lived together for a year. She was lovely and a super virg but she never could tell when anybody was into her and was just a bit dorky.

Both genders are having a problem

i understand but its still comparatively easy for a girl

lets be honest, even if a girl is batshit ugly i.e. wears glasses, has breakouts and blemishes on her face, is fat, looks hideous as fuck… she would still have a guy fuck her because after all we just look for a ■■■■ to penetrate (sorry for my language)

that same logic can’t be applied for a guy

Fair, the men are chasers and women are chasees but I don’t like it that way personally.

Either she’s too dumb to use tinder or has insanely high standards. You obviously haven’t seen the pigwoman experiment, where a literal fat pig looking woman was getting tons of offers for sex on tinder.

Then tell low iq chad dick chasers to only go after men in their league who won’t pump and dump them like trash.

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Naw I don’t look at this kinda shit all day. I have class to go to man. She has Tinder though, but she’s ethnic which isn’t as hot for some people