Gay mentalcel from UK

I’m a 17 year old male and I’ve never had a boyfriend or even anything close before. I’m a mentalcel but i’m also pretty ugly as well so I think it was over for me from the start. Don’t really have many friends so if anybody want’s to talk, please do

How’d you find this forum?

What is your opinion on anime? (important question)

Welcome, fellow britcel :grinning:

I found it on the discord server that I found on the incels without hate sub.

It’s ok, i’ve seen a few but not really obsessed

Hi, I’m also a gaycel and a mentalcel. PTSD and Aspergers.

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I figure that it’s impossible to be both gaycel and mentalcel. If you’re gaycel then you would have to be really ugly; Aspergers mainly drives away females.

So basically you’re just a truecel.

If you’re 17 you’re still young enough for sex change transgender, which I would recommend as gl transgender almost as high smv as an actual woman, in some cases more.

Whether you want to go full op (snip) is up to you, even if you keep your junk in you will have mass sex appeal in 2019 weirdo era we live in.

may god save you

If he’s truly gay, then I suppose going transgender would be a way for him to capitalize on desperate males in this warped era we live in.

Definitely clown world. I just hope the 2020s will be some kind of miracle decade.

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Exactly. Do a Tinder experiment with even an ugly trans, you will be bombarded by desperate incels

Being trans isn’t supposed to be a choice. If you’re gay and cis you’re not supposed to ask for hormones in order to say your trans and try and hook up with straight men. That’s not how it works. The female hormones will fuck you up.

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I wouldn’t recommend any non-trans person to transition, but hypothetically, if you’re ugly as a guy you’re probably going to be ugly as a female

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