Fuuark fem BRUTALLY admits fems live life on God mode!

Brutal as fuck fuck that

Aaarghhh fuck this gay earth


Very few women are openly honest, most just hide behind pretentious or duplicitous bullshit.

The key for men is to learn how to decipher and read behind the lines. If you’re a man in his thirties where you don’t know how to yet you’re fucking lost and toast, you’re a divorce alimony payment just waiting to happen. [False rape accusations as well.]


Where is that god mode? Being part of a harem and being dumped afterwards. Really most women don’t want that. This girl is probably fucked in the brain or an expection. Most women don’t want sex.

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And here I am, living life on Dante must die mode. Lmao ffs

where did she say that?? Actually she said DON’T be part of a harem.

You are dumb

“He will add you (u) to the harem unironically”(see point 5)

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Females don’t want to be part of the harem and to get dumped, yet they chase the males that are most likely to do exactly that.

Think about it. If you only want the top percentage of males that all the other females also want, and given that males are hornier than females, what do you expect will happen? If you only want the confident men that have mastered the art of spittin’ game to get quickly laid, what do you expect?

It’s always been said that females are the gatekeepers, and in effect the choosers. It’s just like with most jobs females are ascribed or voluntarily take on, they aren’t very good at it. In actuality, being female is easy. See point #3.

From my interpretation of it, point #5 is saying that females should remain calm and/or excuse the actions of a pussyhound because he’ll eventually come for her anyway. Females would RATHER be part of Chad’s harem than to have a sole connection with one “loser.” This is why females have no one to blame but themselves. They are the gatekeepers, and they suck ass at their job. Maybe someone else should do it for them.

I suppose yes, that could mean if she likes the Chad THAT much, yes she can become part of his harem no problem.

However this is just 1 of the 6 horribly shocking god like points she listed.

You denying females are on God mode (at least when it comes to dating, sex and relationships) today is disgusting to me. Maybe you want to be on God mode EVEN MORE by denying it.

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I didn’t said females have it worse than males. They are privileged in many things(sex and romantic relations doesn’t matter that much to me). That was the point. I’m not interested in hook-ups or sexual relations so it doesn’t matter to me if that would be easy for me to get or not. I guess most women don’t do that. Doesn’t mean women have it worse than males. I just don’t understand how women can be happy about being a hook-up ■■■■ or a part of a harem

you still didn’t address other points

you have your pick with many, as she put it, plentiful low self esteem men, defeated by life
you easily can pick one to tailor for what you want

we, on the other hand, have nothing

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I want someone who loves me. Since I’m an idealist and a not really loveable, boring person it is not that easy to find. I have the pick as long as I’m young. I’m not like that forever.

yes you’re an idealist

men today cannot be idealists, it’s impossible (except for top Chads)

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Probably. But I’m also born with this trait since I’m an emotional person and someone who lives more in their head than in the real world. I get attached to ideas and drown in it. Sometimes I hold onto one imagination for years.