Fstdt is an absolute pathetic tard

I tried to be nice, but seems like SJWs want to start a war with me.

Can’t reason with pathetic tards. Even the name Fstdt sounds like an STD to me. Honestly who would name themselves after an STD?

Calling me transphobic and a fundamentalist means you have an IQ in the negatives. How am I transphobic and fundamentalist when I’m pushing for males to take female hormones?

No matter how much good you do for them, people will honestly still hate you for all the good you try and do.

I’d say “Let’s get oppressive” to this stupid website but I won’t. Their pathetic and stupid website is so small and has so few views even talking about it is probably giving it more views that it would already get. Similar to how Jim Sterling got sued by an unheard of studio for 15 million dollars. If Jim Sterling never did that noone would have even heard of it all.

These are nothing but hateful hyprocrits, spamming hate speech about how I deserve to be incel because I don’t have normie views on the world. I don’t like being called male pronouns, but what I will say the quote “the one who is hated the most is the one who speaks the truth.”

I am the only person in the world who speaks the truth, and for this I am hated by plebs.

Visionairries such as myself are often hated by the mainstream. I don’t agree with all of Jesus views, but he was also a visionary and look what happened to him. If you are an evolved being you will be hated by plebs.

oh wow I haven’t heard of that site in forever

what happened?

im not linking their site, it has a pathetic amount of views as is, dont need to feed the hate-mongers.

Rest assured, these are hateful toxic people pretending they are the good guys. They are not good people. For starters they probably aren’t even vegetarians and haven’t done jack to help make a better world.

They claim they are pro-trans but they will quickly throw trans under the bus and say hateful things. They also attack G-flake and adolf512 who is trans and protrans as well.

What is the crime I am guilty of?

Wanting a world full of easy women.

For this I am shamed.

I will not be shamed by these hateful, toxic plebs and mental midgets.

People should really do more to understand you

Had no idea that site was still up lol

what in the world are you talking about?

“Fundies say the darndest things”, an SJW site that sometimes quotes this forum.

imagine believing the most progressive person in the world is somehow a fundamentalist.