Friday Casino Royale Edition: Global Stock Market Watch

As we go from Thursday overnight markets into Friday morning’s opening bell concerning the global [United States] stock market.

Day V.

As we move along into Friday morning let’s do a quick recap of what transpired today on Thursday. The Federal Reserve and central banks [Le Chiffre] went into the international market arena with hundreds of billions of dollars REPO funds, promising four trillion dollars of quantitative easing for the month of March, and the usual financial sorcery of magic bullets [which were all duds on arrival]. They entered the international poker game all confident that there was no way they could lose and with a strong poker face through bluffing thought they could get a stranglehold on the international markets by the end of Thursday afternoon. What ended up happening instead as they virtually entered the international table is that everybody called the FED’s bluff where in an instance lost everything of actual financial leverage that they originally had. Below is a video that can best describe what happened with the Federal Reserve playing as Le Chiffre at the international poker arena today on Thursday. Think of it as a funny and symbolic way of describing today’s Thursday international markets.

And of course Thursday’s market charts reflect this grave and desperate circumstance. The poker face and bluff of the Federal Reserve did not work where instead it backfired horrendously.

So now what? Cut more rates? Well that didn’t do anything at the beginning of the month when they originally cut 50bps, it won’t do much either if they cut by another 85-150 now. Quantitative Easing? It certainly didn’t do anything for them today with discussions of up to four trillion dollars worth of quantitative easing. REPO markets? That certainly didn’t help them today either.

That just leaves us with one more fall back plan or position and that is the Federal Reserve to buy stocks directly but contrary to what most people think that would be a sign of absolute financial weakness and not strength where it just reeks of desperation. If none of the above works concerning propping up the United States stock market, what exactly comes next? No matter which option that is chosen I can most easily assure you it’s all downhill from here.

In other news I have quit my job today where I am staying home self quarantining, I suggest everybody else do the same. I am barricading myself in my residence as of today.

Jair Bolsonaro the president of Brazil has tested positive for the Coronavirus.

A lot of people I know just got 2 week paid vacations from their job. You may have picked the worst day to quit your job.

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My old job was a very public place with a lot of circulating traffic of people, I just didn’t feel like risking public exposure any longer. It was a boomer retreat there basically, I was miserable there. The state I live in is ranked the fifth largest in the United States concerning Coronavirus exposure. It’s only a matter of time before everything shuts down anyways. They’ve already shut down the state north of me overnight.

You can’t spend any money if you’re dead.

I got my tax returns to live on the next month and a half anyways, I have a feeling money will be worthless by then especially concerning the dollar.

I hope I don’t have the virus bros, been having violent shits and diarrhea the last four days. Other than that I feel fine but it makes me want to take an ice pack to my bung-■■■■.

The very idea of me dying shitting myself to death is horrifying, wish that I was joking on this.