Forum rules

Where is the list of forum rules located? I need a reference.

A lot of my posts and threads are getting deleted or removed…

I’m trying to figure out exactly where I am going wrong here.


Perhaps the following thread can help you.

Because it’s less generic than

it’s been on the header forever, but maybe it doesn’t show up on ipad

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also i never deleted a thread or post of yours that i know of

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You closed a thread about masturbation though, why?


One more question, why are a bunch of words censored or forbidden to use?

Why is that one word censored that describes women as androids for instance?

because it was gay


And yet this forum promotes itself as being gay friendly…

if by gay you mean supporting gays finding a partner yes, but not converting heterosexuals

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And the censored words? Why are there a bunch of them? @tables

every forum censors, there is not a single one that doesn’t

we chose words that people abuse. as in before we banned the words they would have been every fourth word a person typed


Well, I don’t see what the problem is having a thread discussing masturbation.

For many of us incels all we have is our hands anyways, so…

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keep it to yourself

if you wanna talk about masturbation then talk about it without using the forum as joi

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Of course every forum censors and yes it is definitely the right thing to disallow discussions of orchestrating violence, however some of the words censored from usage seem very extreme if not completely arbitrary.

Joi? I am not familiar with that abbreviation.

LOL there are only 5 censored words and no one uses them outside incel forums and 4chan


it’s a type of porn called ‘jerk off instruction’ or ‘jerk off encouragement’


So if we create a thread here on what we like jerking it off to, that is not allowed?

Never heard of that porn by the way.

Alright, but the word that describes women as androids, why is that word censored?

It’s one of my favorite words man.

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@Zero_Sum is right, we need the right to call women ■■■■■■, this censorship situation is getting out of hand.