Forum is back up after server failure

We had a server failure that would have taken too long to restore fully (weeks), so took the simple route out with an older backup.

It lost about 2 months worth of posts, so will start taking daily backups now instead of monthly.

If you signed up in July or August you will need to create a new account. If you have issues registering, email [email protected]
If you lost your avatar, all you need to do is reupload.

Have some CSS to fix

Regardless, everything works and I’m glad 95% of posts survived.

thanks --staff


I think I have some of the newer CSS, PM me

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Glad it was only a couple months

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Thought the forum was forever gone, but it’s not


good to be back

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Yea there’s automated daily backups now being sent to 2 admins so that we don’t lose much in the event of a hack, crack, or server failure

So I guess that’s why my account here was wiped off the face of the map. Can we get more info on the server error?

So I guess that’s why my account here was wiped off the face of the map. Can we get more info on the server error?

Just took you off spam filter

so yea…

OS got corrupt so asked server folks to let me boot into rescue mode (some special service where they mount the OS via a separate drive)

Then rescue mode borked everything, I put in a support ticket and they didn’t care

so we may move servers but I am doing daily backups to two local machines via cron now, so its not much of a worry anymore

first time this has happened in 3 years

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never had the resources to put any server on the world wide web. only locally. Made me think about setting up a gnunet or some other distributed network protocol before I realized it’s just only me and everyone I interacted with insists on joining things like discord, slack, and other such massive corporate software.
Grabbing everything by cron every day twice can take up alot of data I believe.

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Maybe should switch to every other day, will check bandwidth

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Can’t make new threads. Would like to make new threads. specifically war aesthetic video thread.

it limits the amount you can start? let me bump up the trust level 1 thread minimums

ok I just upgraded you to full member

you can now post images, links, unlimited threads/posts, PMs etc

usually people on VPNs are misbehaved but you aren’t so making an exception

please see our rules page for what is allowed as a member

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Thank you.