Forum bragging and roadmap

So eight days marks the 1 year anniversery of this site, here are some of the highlights of the forum

  • we got featured in a BBC doc and multiple news outlets
  • we got a regular active registered userbase
  • we follow the law and are 100% legal
  • we have ads now which cover server and domain costs
  • active membership has been steadily increasing
  • we are censorship resistant
  • we had a peaceful year

Roadmap from here on:

  • When active membership doubles, I’ll add a “who’s online” plugin, so people can see who is online when they are

  • if people really, really want to move to Xenforo, we will probably now have the funds to do that legally, so let me know if you want to. I’ve gotten fairly comfortable with Discourse (what this forum uses), but let me know

  • avis under reply tabs are sometimes broken, working with a theme creator to fix it

  • Will probably work on speeding up the mobile experience, as it is very heavy on processing

  • I would like to distribute control of the server, which means having more than on person with server access. If you are interested let me know.

That’s it, have a merry christmas!


good job Will :+1:

Doing god’s work. I appreciate this site alot man, it helps really.