Fix forums please

the new layout feels like an intangible wall of text, please revert

You can change that in your profile > preferences > Interface > Theme.

Screenshot of this atrocity:


This isn’t going to help attract new users


My default page is Latest, which works pretty well with discourse dark theme.

dark themes are cancer. Causes lethargy and depletion of energy.

I put the default page to Latest but its not as good as the old version from 2 days ago

It looks like you’re using the “light old” theme. I don’t know which one you used to use nor why it’s changed. Try out the available themes in your preferences page.

Mine is discourse dark theme.


I just want it to go back to how it was 2 days ago. None of the themes seem to be the same as 2 days ago.

“light old” is now fixed


If you wish to see less bugs, switch to “light” or some other theme in user preferences, in the “interface section”, you are still using the old theme.

yeah still not working sorry


oh right, ok fine i’ll change it back

is back now


hopefully no more bugs

Just an FYI your Facebook is open in the tabs. Might want to black that out or something for privacy.

He’s a public figure.

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True but idk. I’m a fan of privacy.