Fight bigotry


It’s throwing their own shit back at them. I have no objections.

Women are the biggest nazis there are. Jfl if you pay c ucked taxes or help hypergamous thots in any way.

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It’s funny you have the Transgender flag because this issue has been debated among transgender people as well.
It’s a well known fact transgender people face dating discrimination. (Well duh and the same could apply to Black women, overly tall women, etc.)
Then again, discrimination is really a two-way street:
…I have the right to discriminate against you, and you have the right to discriminate against me… when it comes to dating.
So yeah Incels are being discriminated against when it comes to dating, but incels also have the power to discriminate. An incel doesn’t have to be forced to date fat chicks and shouldn’t be forced to if he doesn’t want to.
However… the elephant in the room here is the fact that the Incel is not in a position of power. Yes, he can discriminate against women willing to date him… but not a lot of women are willing to date him in the first place, thus rendering his ‘power’ rather meaningless.
In the end it’s all about power, dominance and competition. That’s what dating ultimately is and it’s sad because it really should have been about sharing love and happiness in the world.
…But yeah, that’s humanity’s problem. :sunglasses:

I made something similar earlier this month.


more funny than mine tbh tbh

copying (((their))) tactics

Love it.

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Using their propaganda against them lol