Fermi paradox explained

There may be aliens, but what if there are no aliens? The idea there are no aliens, is known as the Fermi Paradox. The Fermi Paradox states that if there are no aliens, what is the reason for there being no aliens?

My reasoning is this. On the primitive planets, they looked like monkeys or apes. The female aliens had no sex drive or lust for the males. Once the males gained more awareness, the males just didn’t feel like dealing with female hypergamy and high standards so they quit trying to get laid.

Each new generation of male was more cuky than the last, trying less and less to get laid. Any male that had a sex drive, would be shamed by the other males. Eventually the males brainwashed themselves to believe that sexual intercourse was bad. Each new generation was taught that sexuality is bad and intercourse is bad. The females had zero lust or sex drive for the males and the species went extinct. This why we don’t see any aliens on Earth.

Humans only survived because the human female was the most beautiful being in the galaxy (due to beauty being objective.) If females were not so hot, males would have given up trying to get laid long ago and we’d all be extinct.

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Most men care for beauty only

Not even true. The data shows that women are far more picky than men.

Obviously males care about how someone looks. It’s one reason male sexuality is more rigid. Females lack a coherent sexuality, which is the only reason their sexuality isn’t pinned down to appearance in males. Male sexuality is like a big stationary target… female sexuality is like a bunch of little targets that are constantly in motion, and hitting each one is mandatory.

Nature doesn’t set the bar very high for females meeting the minimum beauty standards though. 80% already do by default, and 95% can with effort. The bottom 5% should familiarize themselves with this concept called “settling.” It’s what males are forced to do everyday (see “juggernaut” concept on incel wiki).

The thing that is most difficult for females is attaining the mental faculties that are inherent in males. They generally don’t need this to succeed in anything, including DSR. It’s also debatable if it is even possible for the female brain to achieve such enlightenment without abnormal (for females) wiring. However, this is not dissimilar to a noob using a Gameshark to defeat a game and thereby “not needing” to get good at it to win. Both cases (the female, and the noob) are still pathetic and inferior to their male and pro counterparts, even if they still technically win.

They do and they admit it all the time(can’t find the video with the statistic anymore. It was about for what males and females think they care for in dating and what they really cared for. Males cared the most for looks an lesser for personality).
It is one of the reason why I maybe don’t want a bf anymore. I’m not loved for myself anyway. Many women use their good looks as a tool, 'cause it is the best what you can get from males. I wouldn’t hope for real love. I don’t believe it to exist anyway. If my parents die and sister moves in with her bf and probably never thinks about me again I maybe will finally end myself if I didn’t find another solution for my problems. I will be lonely anyway if I stay alone or go into a relationship that first works out and then falls apart when I grow old…öh I mean when my personality suddenly goes bad with age.

People say a lot of bs on questionairres and surveys. Men will claim they care about looks but IRL you will see them specifically not caring about looks.

Females will claim they dont care about looks yet will always reject males that aren’t 9/10 looks chads or 9/10 looks prettyboys.

Here is the actual reality: Males will do anything to get a relationship. Proof: https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=171686993

"For now online dating is almost pointless if your a sub 7/10 male. A legit 0/10 female has more popularity than a 4/10 male "


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If males solely cared about looks, most of them can just solve their problem by paying for sex with above average looking females. Prostitutes or not even, just random female wh0res online. The only difference between a prostitute and the average female is that the prostitute is more honest.

Theoretically speaking, an average female (but young and virginal) with an abnormally good personality is far superior to a Stacy, where any male with three digits in their IQ should be able to correctly ascertain is just a wh0re whose existence entirely revolves around the exploitation of male sexuality.

They don’t “like” the pig-woman. They just want to have anything at all. That is a huge difference(with the thought that some might take advantage of her for example they dating her for money or a license to move in a country or other things like that).
The test I’m speaking of was:
1.Guessing what each gender cares most for in dating(for example females thought they would care more about the personality, males thought they would care more about looks ect.)
2. Testing if that what they thought was true
3. Comparing the results after the test with the assumptions before the test.
Males cared most about look were the results.
I never met males that cared much for what I like to do. Many of them lied to me to like the same things like me. Many didn’t liked me or some were annoyed by me when I finally gained the trust in our relation to speak more(I’m usually very quiet). They still dated me cause I looked good(for them atleast).

A lot of men only care about looks. Most don’t even care about personality and then end up with bitches and wonder why. Not a lot of men actually take an interest into things I do, hobbies, the charities and volunteer work i do ect not many have asked about.

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Males and females have different interests. If they somehow align in individual cases, then I do consider that to be a huge plus. As for charities and volunteer work, I don’t think you see very many males doing those things. So it’s common sense that they don’t have much to talk about in that realm, on average.

Having a female that lists “eating” or “being a foodie” as a hobby, for instance, is boring, even if she’s attractive. Would be far better if the female looked average but had similar interests. It’s difficult to talk to most females as they don’t share any hobbies, and males basically communicate only about hobbies (as this is 95% of what they discuss with other males). Females are better at “small talk” and bull shitting in general. It’s unnatural to force this expectation onto males.

I’ve overheard males (these are often normies, relatively low IQ that already have gfs) saying they actually didn’t want their gfs to have the same interests as them, for instance in gaming. This, I don’t understand at all.

Back when I used dating apps, the only females that ever even messaged with me were either females that shared a lot of interests but were so incredibly ugly/obese, like 2/10 or worse, or, they were average, normie females that had literally nothing for me to work with despite the fact that males are expected to carry a conversation. So their hobbies consist of eating, watching netflix, and playing with their cats. Riveting.

That is not true for me as I have many male interests. I love gaming, lore stuff(especially Tes lore at the moment), write my own books, draw and watch Anime, read manga, do fighting sports(kickboxing) and want a driving lisence for a motor bike. I’m still pretty feminine as I’m too stupid for everything.

There’s guys that do volunteering that I do? I’ve seen them there.

Yeah I enjoy good food but I also enjoy swimming, yoga, dance, romantic movies, cats, dogs rescues, hiking, picnics, walking on the beach, going to waterfalls, water parks, tubing, white water rafting, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, really anything with water. I love the water. I love travelling. I want to see the world. I also like camping and weekend getaways. Also farming, gardens, historic sites. I like chocolate making (the fancy kind like truffles), I love cooking classes, or baking classes, I like paint or plant nite, I like arts and crafts. Currently I’m doing mosaics. I’d like to do stain glass in the future. I did glass blowing and pottery for awhile, still enjoy them both but I like new things too. I’ve done sewing, fabric work, quilting, and knitting too.

It doesn’t matter what you like. Most males think that most females are annoying from childhood till adult age. Females that are more male wired(not too male cause she still has to get his dick hard) are more accepted from males. I don’t care anymore. I don’t want to spend my life with someone who doesn’t really likes me. I even thought about going for a female but in a sexless relationship. In germany you even can get a sperm donation as a single lady but you will have to pay all of that by yourself. It is not easy too to raise a kid alone. I dreamed about having a daughter and teaching her self defense and survival skills but the last one I don’t really have sadly.

I’m well aware. I don’t want to spend my life with someone who doesn’t really love me either. In a few years I’m going to a sperm bank and raising my own child if I can’t find someone. I know I’m an amazing mom and have a lot of skills to teach my kids. The reality is even with a partner I’d still be raising the child myself anyhow. How many fathers get up every 2-4 hours to feed their babies??? How many change their diapers? How many burp them? How many bathe them? How many change them? I’ve watched a lot of fathers hand the baby back to the mother when the baby cries or needs something.

@Blackbird If you want to be more male its time you develop a sex-drive. If you are gonna be asexual I really don’t want you sperm-banking your genes to future generations. Women already are anti-sex as is.

On another note, your perception of males are imaginary, Idk why you think no males would want to be your friend. Your hobbies are interesting and there are millions of males who would be into that.

You don’t have any proof they don’t like her. You are just assuming they are lying.

The males you dated are weird and strange. Why are you dating males that don’t like gaming, anime, sports and biking.

Why would you want a female that isn’t a foodie? Women knowing how to prepare your meals is good. If entertainment is your thing, play WoW while she is cooking your meals.

The idea that the point of relationships is endless talk is just brainwashed into males by society. The point of relationships isn’t endless talk 24/7, the point is to have meaningful experiences.

Spoiler alert its women’s job to raise kids thats what the entire bioligcal purpose is.

I offered to help feminize male dna with male lesbian idea but you resisted. Yet here you are moaning about males not being fem enough for you.

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Do most guys really not do things like this? Even my abusive dad did these kind of things when we were babies. I wouldn’t settle for someone who wouldn’t tbh Though I dont plan on having a baby

i dont think anyone likes doing that including women. What woman actually enjoys changing diapers, being woken up every 2-4 hours at night due to crying.