Feminization of males is good

feminization of males is good, change my mind.

feminization should be this

not this

as we see in the video below, in our current society, males go their whole lives with their masculinity used to enslave them and being subserviant to females

males further enslave themsleves by adhereing to primitive beliefs for the sole purpose of needing an alpha male figure in their lives and aquiring a female mate.

most males are betas so there is a real psychological need to submit to an alpha male, this is the purpose of abrahamic religion and also to acquire a female mate.

Males of today will sacrifice their rights and authority in order for a few small benefits.

That is why we need a better program of feminization that actually helps males, instead of a cuckold plan that raises aoc to 25.

first of all, feminization can be good since it encourages social cohension, manners and males to be polite. High testosterone males are more rebellious and more of a threat to social cohesion.

There is one caveat to this, some times rude boys can be toxic, if they do not have enough discipline in their lives (like being a marine) they might not have manners. Rude boys should either be force feminized or forced to join the marines so they can have manners.

Therefore the science is unclear, some types of feminity is toxic feminity which leads to rude behavoir, but overall. the common sentiment is that feminity will lead to more civilized behavoir.

Furthermore, feminized males will have superior social skills and not be able to be controlled as easily by women. There is a caveat to this, as feminity is inherently submissive and might result in submissive beta males that obey women and 4th wave feminism. This can be cicumvented by teaching males that women are not better than them, and also having a pro-penis society that worships penis as that of the gods.

Genetic reduction of body dysmorphia. Males should have genetically altered dna so they can look like hot men of anime. Bisexuality and cock worship should be encouraged, this is so women will develop a sexuality for males. Anal sex should be discouraged until stds are banned from society. Males will form small groups with other males, where males will have social status and then they will seek out females to seduce. The females will be seduced and impregnated by the hot glam rock males. Females will understand the male energy and sexuality, and they will respect dick in their lives. They will see the hot glam rock males and how cool they are and then beg for the dick of the males. Males will have confidence, self esteem, and get along with other males, and support other males getting laid. Males being around other males will not be cringe, but instead equal to women, such as how straight women hold hands and cuddle with each other, so will be the same with these new genetic engineered males. Males will no longer have ugly primitive facial features, but will have the facial features of divine anime gods.

Also, males will not have to be workaholic millionairre 1% males in order to appeal to females, instead the world will have free energy in the form of a giant nuclear reactor which will power the world.

Isn’t that kind of what feminism has done? It’s been a disaster.

I guess if females actually did think like males, then yeah, that would be an improvement. But instead all they do is act like males but without any of the intelligence or competence that goes along with it.

masculinization of females has been a disaster. Like 10% of them turn out to be good and chill tomboys, the rest turn into rabid penis haters.

Problem is males today are very toxic they think females owe them everything. Look, I know what it’s like to be in the presence of toxic masculinity. My stepfather Was an abusive tyrant who always picked on people weaker than him. It’s not that he was insecure or anything like that he was just a piece of shit who thought everything should be done like it was in the military and if you showed any fear or did anything he didn’t like he would beat you up.

At the age of 13 I was kicked out of my house because I threatened him after he physically assaulted me.

My entire life my family had treated me horribly in fact when I was 15 years old they had to go to a special education school and because of it I significantly fell behind educationally.

While I am autistic the school they sent me to was for severely autistic children. They sent me there because they didn’t wanna deal with me mouthing off to them and constantly standing up for my rights they just decided to get rid of me.

And once I was released back into their custody they treated me worse than ever and to be honest I kind of expected that.

The most abusive people in my family have always been males and they are disgusting Trump supporters to which makes a lot of sense to be honest and even before they voted for Trump I knew they were going to vote for Trump and I openly accuse them of being Trump supporters even though they were registered Democrats because they were abusive piece of shit and just like I predicted they voted for him.

And this constant abuse caused me to be extremely pessimistic and because they always invalidated me I always assumed that no one wanna be my friend I will always be alone and the only people in my life will be my abusive disgusting family.

I’ve never been in a relationship at all and I am 29 years old I was rejected three times because of disclosing my autism and the one time I was rejected when I did not disclose my autism was actually because I did not disclose it the girl asked me why I didn’t tell her about my autism and I told her straight up to her face because you were going to dump me like everyone else and she got mad that

I assumed she was a judgmental person, as I still have trauma from how my family treated you and I was also significantly believe at school and I never really had any friends so I assumed everyone is going to miss treat me because I’m autistic and the only people who are going to treat me nice were people who knew about autism were the ones who were in the special ed school.

I do have a couple of friends now who are autistic as well and I’ve been on OkCupid for six years and not one person ever wanted to date me from that site.

In fact I was actually talking to this one autistic trans person and I’m actually trying to transition myself to female and I’ve been actually planning on doing this for many years but my coccyx anti-LGBT and alt-right family is preventing me from doing it.

Anyway the person I was talking to you stop talking to me a few weeks ago and I assumed it was something I said to them but in the end I realized it was because of something I posted on my profile about how no one will ever date me because I’m autistic and that I’m a loser I think themselves being autistic and trans I probably sounded like a self hating autist And I sounded extremely catastrophically negative and they stopped talking to me and I predicted that they were going to on match me and I was so sure that I took screenshots of the conversation I posted them to my Facebook messenger we’re only I could see it and then it happened just a couple days ago

Lmao, another subversive cocksucker. Females believe males owe them far more, and incel proves it. This is why your type generally isn’t welcome in incel communities.

I somewhat agree. East asians (particularly kpop koreans etc.) have really profited from this in the last 10 years or so

yes, they undergoed a lot of ffs to get where they are today.

This is why feminization of males is good, males like your step father need to be put in their place. In the military they don’t beat people up, if he acted like that in the military he would be put in his place.

I disagree with 4th wave feminism, because they usually don’t give sex to amabs like you but instead complain with made up bs and act like all amabs are the same as your stepfather.

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If you ever get into a relationship your relationship will not last because based on what you’re saying you’re a very toxic person. I bet you are the controlling type that will drive people away from you.

@Stormchaser1991 is welcome, he’s fine

Most females are problematic and incapable of forming monogamous long-term relationships in the first place. Getting angry about it isn’t toxic, but quite normal and healthy.

Also I don’t identify as male. Im trans.

I also had an incident when I was dating this one girl in my class. She decided to date me and as you all know she broke up with me when she found out that I did not tell her about my autism as she felt that was dishonest of me and I found out that you actually broke up with me because I was autistic not because I didn’t tell her.

I was a pretty toxic person back then and I want to teach this arrogant piece of shit a lesson.

So I formulated a plan to humiliate her in front of the entire class. I basically called her when I got home and I used an iPad to record her while putting my phone on speaker for her to confess the real reason she was breaking up with me and she confessed that she was breaking up with me both because of my autism and because I didn’t tell her about my autism.

So I brought my iPad to school the next day with the recording of her confessing Dumping me simply because of my condition. And what was the worst part was that she wanted to work with kids with autism and she even told me that her inspiration was her autistic brother and during the conversation which was also recorded on the iPad I told her that I felt sorry for her brother to have a sister like you.

The reason I did this was because I had a feeling she was going to lie to the class and claimed that I cheated on her since she also told me that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and I had a feeling that she would say Lie and say that I cheated on her and as a back up are use the iPad to try to clear my name and to teach her a lesson.

Lo and behold in class everyone is giving me weird looks and one of the classmates told me that The girl said I cheated on her and that during the break up I was being extremely abusive.

I whipped out my iPad and while the teacher wasn’t there I reminded the class that the girl was a liar that she was a manipulator and that she was extremely discriminatory against autistic people that she was full of shit. I pressed play and the girls confession was aired in the whole classroom as well as me telling the girl that she’s a horrible person and that she will make for a terrible social worker because she discriminates against autistic people and that she has no business working with disabled people if she’s going to treat us (autistic people) this way.

The girl ended up running out of the classroom crying and one of her friends went to comfort her and I announce to the whole classroom that that was just crocodile tears from being exposed as she wants sympathy from everyone.

And I waited about a week or two before I asked out another girl if they wanted to date me and they blatantly told me no as they said I’m a toxic person for how I humiliated my ex girlfriend and that I should not have caused all that drama that even though she lied to the class about me cheating on her, the girl told me what I did was extremely unacceptable and toxic.

i know you are trans, thats why i said amab.

i said your dad is male


i am so pissed right now

what that thot did to stormchaser1991 isnt right

its like a cabal of evil, this infuriates me to my core… JUSTICE DEMANDS RETRIBUTION

words like infuriation, hatred and rage dont even describe, really i am stunned, if these people were suddenly ran over by a large bus I probably would just feel relief

And? If everyone made sure females got punished for terrible behavior, they would stop doing it.

Females protect each other even when they are in the wrong. They rejected you to punish you for resisting social control, and to get you back in line.

The correct response is not to bend the knee to this oppression, but to double down and encourage all others to do the same.

Too many females lie about males being “abusive” and making up excuses. Exposing truth is always good, no matter what. Why should you have to deal with people falsely believing you cheated on her? It’s far more just for the class to know exactly what happened if she was going to lie to make herself look good.

Sounds like the males were in on it too, be sure to also punish the males participating in such vile acts as well.