Feminists are going to start having sex with men en masse

Feminists claim society works better when women are free.

I truly believe this as well.

This is why feminists will offer their sex to men en masse.

It’s going to be a huge cultural shift.

And this is where the fallacy originated…

They were gonna do it all along but conservatives stopped it with abstinence education and other retardation.

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western civilization has been intellectually corrupted by judeoabrahamism. Even atheists are not immune and most have the same mindset. Only higher men such as Richard Dawkins are truly free from it.

Feminism, even atheist feminism, has become spiritually entangled with Abrahamism.

Yeah, because abstinence education is definitely stopping all those bisexual-chadsexual females from doing their thing. What female is even a virgin at 18 anymore?

A lot of wishful thinking going on here.

The first thing a Liberal will say to fix the problem created by Liberals is that “it needs even more Liberalism.”

Conservatives are idiots too because they are the other side of the misandrist coin, shaming male sexuality as well. But it doesn’t change the fact that ACTUAL enforced monogamy would mean fewer incels today than what we have now.

enforced monogamy is a judeoabrahamic idea.

beatles hippie idealogy is more based yet not cucced.

Its origin is irrelevant.

Isn’t it most religions ever? Not just the Abrahamic shit?

I did a quick online search.

The Buddhist view of marriage considers marriage a secular affair and as such, it is not considered a sacrament.

Hindus view sex before marriage as bad Karma and not sacred. But India as a society has prostitutes everywhere so they are less cucced than judeochristian types. The punishment for getting laid before marriage is only bad karma, which is a lot less bad than the fire and brimstone insanity of christianity.

My main complain of india is they dont treat the trans prostitutes very good. Second, even though they have arranged marriages they still have a lot of incels.

From what i can tell, Proodmooreism seems the most based religion so far. In Jainism, marriage is considered a worldly affair that increases human bondage , but it is encouraged nonetheless by the scriptures as it recognizes the dependence of two living organisms on one another .

Also i would say MLP religion is based except celestia too tyrant. Should be mane 6 focused instead.

They already are. Just a limited % of men.

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when? where?

  1. With Chads.

  2. At least 25 miles from your basement, my basement, and all of our basements.

Chad only, i’m sure

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25 miles is another city. I’m sure someone is having sex in your city.