I had a Divine vision.

This is seen through true Estrogen Divinity.

Why we need FeminismX:

  • To assimilate and reform all the corrupt feminists of 4th gen.
  • Analyze the masculinist males who use the word “degeneracy” (a word created by a jew.)
  • Analyze Ellen degeneras (she would be happier with shemale cock to keep her warm at night)
  • Realize masculism is a disaster (such as ben shapiro masculinist)
  • Acceptance of the common sense, new yorkian mario jew/higher class jew (non ben shapiro type), irreverence for the zionist and hassidic jew. (seinfield vs. the hardcore hebrew)
  • Recognize ben franklin did pot, doing pot was common before modern times
  • Recognize that modern masculinism (tie and suit) is a disaster and an enemy of the good
  • Recognizing cretins and what they are
  • Recongizing superior japanese culture before infectious industrialist modernity (90s nintendo vs. 2020 politically correct nintendo)
  • Recognizing Ninjago is a flawed game with superficial feminity (not divine Estrogen) This is due to females fighting females. However, in games like Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm this is acceptable, the reason being is they are thrust into action. But in ninjago they participate in action
  • Agents of FeminismX will wear black scuba suits such as in Half Life, one the female military characters of the game and run at 20 mph.
  • A simulatenous embracement and rejection of the Industrialism. Viewing Industrialism with a natural reverence and irreverence.
  • A rejection of the political left and right, a rejection of narrative and of media culture
  • An embracement of higher culture
  • Embracement of beauty and nature, embracement of higher living and organic foods
  • Distaste for false cosmopolitianism modernity, embracement of fantasy cosmpolitinaism
  • Rejection of einstein science culture, embracement of dream and classy culture (Twilght Sparkle labs)
  • Changing DNA of undesirables
  • Pacify males by giving them sex and romance
  • Rejection of modern jobs culture, somehow make jobs easier through robotics
  • Rejection of most slang except for the best slang
  • Rejection of south park culture
  • Rejection of both corporate drone culture and spam culture

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song of this:

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“Analyze the masculinist males who use the word “degeneracy” (a word created by a jew.)”

Citations needed. I’m curious about this.

Meat is organic.

Idk about meat. It tastes good but is morally wrong. For the time being I should ban all meat that is factory farmed, but allow organic free range meat and hunters.

Okay so I looked more into it. The word itself originated in the medieval ages and means:
" having lost or suffered impairment to the qualities proper to the race or kind ," from Latin degeneratus , past participle of degenerare “to be inferior to one’s ancestors , to become unlike one’s race or kind , fall from ancestral quality ,” used of physical as well as moral qualities"

“to become unlike ones race or kind”
That definition is flawed because it doesn’t acknowledge positive mutations, such as being superior to ones race or kind.

The more modern definition of the word though was created by a Zionist jew, popularized in a book called Degeneration.

Sounds good!