''femcel'' was showing us her matches on tinder in real time

She had 99 matches and set up her tinder account only and hour ago. Then shes showing us shes matching with chad after chad. She also said she got 60,000 messages the past month and a half.

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“But we women have the same problems dating just like men…”

Fucking lying w-hores.

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it really messed me up man. How can the world be so imbalanced and cruel? fuck yin/yang and the demiurgos.

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this world is shit-tier tbh. I will explain how i feel about it in another thread

when and if i see whatever diety is responsible for creating this shit world i will do this to them

cant tell me its illegal there is no law against it

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Because women are cruel and vindictive bitches that more than anything else are rent-a -prostitutes.

I feel like a broken record over here.

That girl is so cute, I’m mesmerized.

2d women > women irl – I have spoken.

Can’t post picturessss of my tinderrr.

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it doesn’t matter - every single sign up to tinder, even if you have no pics and no bio - instantly gets 99+ matches. Granted, most of those are just losers swiping right on everything and won’t actually invest any effort beyond “hey” or “dtf” but the reality is that most males don’t even get that far

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Nope boi ask tables why not

lmao i catfished in san francisco as a 17 year old girl in a bikini pic and i was being superliked by extremely rich lawyers and ceos of tech companies. I was even being hit on by James Park, founder of fitbit (or at least the Vida Select people running his Tinder most likely). Just LMAO. If you live in a big city like that it is impossible to not be incel unless you make at least 300k+ per year or have family wealth, or have a helicopter or private jet etc

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btw how many simps are offering you money and asking for your onlyfans on discord right now

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None ded srs barely have anyone text me tbh

How do you fellow celibates

message me on discord pretty_princess#2571