Femcel forum

There exists a femcel forum------> Literally no femcels show up where the entire site is dominated by male incels instead.

Yes, just the way you would expect

I like that it’s here though

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femcels is a meme

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Yeah, pretty much.

It is.

At this point you may as well have a gaycel forum too. Both are meme tier.

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Have to say that I agree.

You know, if lesbian-cels ever get too lonely or alienated because they can’t get any pussy perhaps they might settle for a pair of cock and balls instead. Depending upon if they’re white, European, and good looking [my own standard preferences in women] I offer my cock and balls to make them feel wanted. I’m here for you ladies where I offer my condolences, warmth, and pillow talk where I’ll whisper sweet nothings into your ears.

Remember, I’m always just one private message away.


My personal opinion, I don’t think femcels should be allowed on here, the whole movement was started by men as a joke but it does have some real women who hate men and go into male incel spaces to gain orbiters/attention and fuck the hottest looking LARPing incels. However the actual women on trufemcels are knowingly LARPing and lying about the whole ‘‘i can get sex but not a LTR’’. which is bullshit, i mean any one knows women have success in all areas of sex and ‘‘love’’. if you can get sex you can get ‘‘love’’ as they are pretty much the same thing anyways.


Women talking about how hard relationships are for them is fucking laughable.

At any day of the week they can go into five bars and find at least one man that is willing to fuck them on the spot if not even more depending upon how physically attractive they are.

[Hell, even fat chicks get more tail than a majority of men nowadays.]

Men not so much, at least for the majority of men.

For me I think that I gave up pursuing women after a thousand rejections, still yet after constantly being told I was too poor, low-income, and a loser at everything in life I eventually came to the conclusion that since everything revolves around price along with financial affordance knowing that currently I’ll never meet their economic criteria of relationship standards I have given up completely.

At a certain point as a man that you know in every conceivable way or fashion you’ll be rejected you just give up. I can think of better ways of spending my days other than self torture pursuing women that I know will only reject me, rather than subjugate myself to that constantly I just stay home or stick to myself.

Yeah, when women say they have problems I just fucking laugh.

Compared to men, “what kind of fucking problems do you have by comparison?!”


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Well one thing that really helps with the lonelyness is knowing 99% of relationships are fake. The woman is there only because its benefitting her in some way, i.e the guy either is an emotional dumping bag where she doesn’t have to give him sex, essentially womens ideal platonic gay male friend relationship. Or the guy has money, looks, and power which are all forms of social currency, and she has to give him sex which she hates but tries to do it as least often as possible. Even with chad he really has to convince women to give him sex and he basically has to pay for it in some form, most chads usually end up letting their FWB or main girl live with him for free, and he has to do everything a beta does to keep her. Fuck, even bezos wasn’t good enough for his wife.

But yes you are right, everything between a man and woman is transactional and usually shes getting 90% of the benefit. Women have no sexual desire towards the male body and this is the only cause of inceldom. Thus men have to pay for something, essentially a ‘‘duty’’ that the woman really does not want to do.

If I could point on how women work its like this. When you see a woman, pretty much the first thing you see is her body, face, her smooth skin, does her hair smell nice, her nails, etc… you want to be as close to that presence as possible, and you’re essentially attracted to her body and her feminine personality.

Now this is how women look at men. She wants an attractive body, BUT only because its a symbol of high status. For example if the guy is tall, fit and athletic, she is not attracted to his actual body, but she imagines his ‘‘lifestyle’’ and what can he do with his body. Can he get me a nice car? can he take me to nice dinners? can he pay for my university? can I post him on social media and make other girls jealous? it has nothing to do with his actual body or masculine presence, its more like he is a ‘‘tool’’ for her to use in her life to make her more secure, protected, higher status, higher comfort. The more he makes her life more comfortable and luxurious the higher attracted she is to him. For her, shes asking, what can this guy do for ME? meanwhile, she has absolutely ZERO sex drive for this guy. even if chad. She might think to her self, am i gonna have to do ‘‘that’’ gross thing with him like every week? ugh… i could only stand to do it every other month…

The BIGGEST mistake incels make, usually the ones on reddit and .co, is they project THEIR sexual desire of women, onto women and say women have the SAME sexual desire, only its towards chad. But this is not true, women do not have the sexuality of a man, where she wants to touch him, kiss him, be intimate with his body. They have the exact opposite desire a man has. Incels are projecting their desire of touching a females body, onto women and saying they feel the way men do, except towards chad.


Man, I’m really trying hard to get prostitute into the MGTOW and incel linguistic lexicon. Women or females are fucking prostitutes, period.

Plus, if we start calling them prostitutes everywhere [which they are] it will piss off the radical feminists everywhere so badly.

I almost don’t even want to use the words women or females anymore, we should just call a spade a fucking spade referring to them as prostitutes for now on.

Biological prostitutes which is my preference, even better!

Can you imagine the uproar if inceldom and MGTOW officially designated all women as biological prostitutes? So many memes could be made…

I’m surprised this hasn’t been done already.

Fuck nobility and chivalry or playing nice, we need to nail these bitches.



Lmao I actually used to call them women, then started calling them females for that more cold detached feel, with a hint of contempt, especially when I say “men and females” in the same sentence.

But yeah, this is a real blackkpill. Imagine a world where there are males walking around referring to girls/women/females as just “prostitutes.” It would make the world a little less honky, at least.

And then cue the inevitable hate speech laws…

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On more than one occasion, when I blew up at a female online for being a cock carousal riding ■■■■■, they tried to deny it and even said “I don’t even like sex that much anyway.” I’ve actually been able to get more than one female to say this exact thing as damage control in response to my unexpected nuke.

Perhaps they do invoke the truth, but only as a very last resort at the most appropriate timing.

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Like this prostitute that ditched me irl in 2016 after being barely acquainted, and then thought she would try again after coming back in 2017 and ditching the guy she ditched me for, which is when I blew up after she appeared to be ghosting again. Fuck up once, deal with the consequent suspicion. Fuck up twice, you’re done. No third chance.

Now almost 2020 and she randomly liked my older Facebook shit, then posted this soon after.


I guess it’s just too much work for a prostitute. Imagine having to work 1/10 as hard as a man to get what you want. We can’t be having that now can we?

Doing what men must do ALL THE TIME is beneath her. Well colour me shocked.

I won’t be satisfied until she has to suffer every bit as much as a man. And she might, in a way. She’s a single mom now, somehow, and has a baby son. Cute little guy, but highly likely to grow up Incel not having the best genetics. Assuming things will be the same or worse sans a collapse, she will likely watch the only male she is capable of caring about, her son, grow up an Incel and realize that I was right.

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The feminists would join with the NSA where finally the censorship apparatus would be put in place on the internet with blessings from women everywhere.

Usual rule of thumb, believe in the exact opposite with everything a woman has to say.

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Finally. Can’t do anything right, and never forget it.

Im kind of confused here. Was she a literal prostitute? And you were trying to form a relationship with her? Also sounds like she was trying to monkey branch with the other dude but that failed now shes trying to get bux.

She was just a “regular” female I met off Craigslist in 2016, somehow, after posting my first ad.

I only made light of her because she’s the only person I have ever actually kissed, in 2016/2017. And in 2016, came very close to losing my virginity to. It all happened because she initiated everything.

Yes she’s trying to buxx now. Her life is playing out exactly like Incels describe the typical life of a modern female as they age (turning 31 soon).

I’m more incel than most of this forum.