Females don't want pussies that like cuddling

We all know that women prefer liars and “bad boys” over nice guys. We learned this in the worst way possible. They ghost nice guys, and prioritize men who are clearly going to dump them as soon as their balls get empty.

As a philosopher called @Restart80 once said:

females don’t want pussies that like cuddling, they want studs that want to make her throat bulge with their cocks

I’m here to say that science has proven Restart right.

A recent study has shown that females are more likely to believe and trust in psychopaths. This is so ingrained in female nature that psychopathic males are naturally more likely to choose them to manipulate, because they unconsciously know that females are easier prays.

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I think we must be careful to the confirmation. A scientific study doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t biased. You must also see if other scientists take it seriously and is a cited by other studies. For example, Darwin with his theory of evolution, which is taken as a basis by almost or all biologists.
After, I found an article based on scientific studies and it says bad boys have more success than other because they exploit women, they have lower standards and are only interested in one night stands and so on.

The article in question is present on the ex redpill subreddit with the article " The end of the Bad Boy Mystique - Largely overlooked reasons of why bad boys actually get laid (based on science)"


It’s a peer-reviewed article and it’s published in a well-known, well-regarded scientific journal.

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Also, I do hope that you realize that the alarmist/clickbait-y tone of this thread is intentional and makes for an humorous effect. I just wanted to share this cool article with the community and decided to make it a little bit more interesting by citing restart’s rant about women.

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Oh, OK…

Oh, ok :slight_smile: After, the english is not my first language, so sometimes I don’t recognize english humor (I think the sense of humor is cultural).