Female Privilege

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Affirmative action and everything that is exclusively for women, is incredibly messed up. I don’t find it empowering. I find it really condescending. Like, because I’m a woman, I need extra help. I don’t think I do. This is where feminism gets really misogynistic. If women are actually equal, we should just be treated equal. If we have the ability to compete alongside men, then feminists should shut it and let us do exactly that.

I’m an indie author, and this kind of thing happens a lot in the writing sphere too. There are opportunities exclusively for women writers. There are curated reading lists on serialization sites of women writers. I’m not big time, but I’ve had people try to include my work in this sort of thing before (not anything too high profile), and I turn it down out of principle. I’d rather have no exposure than the wrong type of exposure.

There’s also a TON of pressure right now to read more women writers. I find that so obnoxious. My book shelf is a meritocracy and I’m not sorry that I like a lot of male authors.

Anyway, MRA-ally here to say, yep. It’s gross. And more women should be calling this stuff out as the pandering, actually misogynistic stuff it is.

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My sister got a Nursing scholarship for studying at University (she’s already a registered nurse here via Community College).

I kept asking her what the scholarship was for, since I knew she had shit grades (my admission scholarships were from having extremely high grades, didn’t even apply. The only scholarship I have ever been granted were automatic ones based on grades; I was rejected for every optional one I ever applied for). Couldn’t get an answer out of her, likely hiding something.

But yeah, there’s this huge push now for EQUITY and not equality. I’ve noticed this subtle shift in vocabulary, where they are deliberately moving away from equality of opportunity and going for equality of condition now. Which means forcing the outcomes between males and females to be equal by any means necessary.

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Exactly! It should be equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Let people do what they want. Let the chips fall where they may. Equity isn’t good for anybody.

(Congrats on the one scholarship you did get! )

I don’t think there should be female only scholarships, or special entrance for education or work. I have feminist ideas but I don’t think having special access to education or work is beneficial to me. I don’t want a job just because I’m female and the company wants to look good on paper. I want a job because I’m the best and most qualified person for the job and that I earned the job with hard with and a built resume. I also totally disagree that emergency services should have easier required for women’s. It should all be the same. They tired doing these in Lifegaurding saying women could do different standards and carries. I was on the panel that voted against it. Safety had to come first. If your in a position where someone’s life is in danger and it’s your job to protect them or save them than you need to be able to do it to the same standard. Furthermore if you can’t do it to the same standard it’s putting more lives in danger if that person gets themselves stuck or in danger then there another person to rescue. Standards for military, police, fire, ambulance, nursing, Lifegaurding, ect should all be the same.

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See you’re the kind of common sense feminist I can get behind :slight_smile:

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