Female privilege

Women have some freedoms and privileges that men don’t have. Such as women don’t have to go to school or work if they don’t want to. No one will care if a woman is a stay at home maker, because that’s socially accepted for women not to work or go to school. However, if a male doesn’t go to school or work that’s highly looked down on in our society. Furthermore, men in a more female dominated role are also looked down on. For example, if a male is in nursing well they must be gay. If a male wants to work at a daycare, as a teacher, or anything with kids well they must be either gay or a pedophile. But if a woman wants to be a police officer, firefighter or in a military you go girl! You’re a strong woman! If a woman marries up that’s totally fine and to be expected. Most women do marry up and no one cares. If a woman marries down he’s using you and taking advantage of you, you could do better. If a woman is a single mom she’s strong and independent and will receive a lot of help from the community. A single father gets nothing. Single father? What’s that?

Majority of workplace injuries and deaths are males. This is because males work in more dangerous jobs such as police, firefighters, military, construction, engineering, mining and other labour work. But pay should be equal. Women working in a dangerous fields often are not doing the same role and are protected from the danger anyhow (I know I am).

Women have a lot more social support because many of women’s life choices don’t actually matter.

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What does this mean? It was one part I didn’t really understand.

There’s more social support for women. It doesn’t actually matter if I go to school or not because if I work it’s fine, if I stay at home that’s fine too. Both are ok choices. There’s more social support for women because there’s less crowding in shelters also women’s shelters are a lot nicer, a lot more domestic violence support groups and programs that help women leave these situations with housing and furniture. I’m not saying we should get rid of them they are very useful services and much needed but there’s no program for men leaving abusive relationships. Basically more social service programs for women. Men need more programs and help.

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Yin Yang ensures imbalances and opposites. Women have basically said sex feels like rape to them. Men want sex, women don’t want it at all, only see it as a tool for survival. So basically you have complete opposites here. Men are beasts, women are angels. Men are evil, women are good. Humans are a gynocentric species that sees the world through duality. Theres nothing that can change this, thus there will never be any wide societal support for men.

Women enjoy sex too…

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I’d believe this if there was any evidence for it.

This is basically what they teach children and teenagers in schools as if to hammer the point home that no one gives a fuck about you if you’re male.

Must be why females never make the first move. No interest in the male at all; the only thing they enjoy is the feeling of being desired. If males don’t pursue them then they don’t get to feel desired. They couldn’t care less about the male and the fact most if not all spend 100% of their time feeling undesirable.

I don’t understand how anyone can be male in the 21st century and not have an abysmal level of self-esteem.

I agree women enjoy sex (i.e. they experience orgasm) but I also see the point made by ThatsLife. I already noticed some signals that made me believe that women don’t really appreciate sex, or that they appreciate it for ad hoc reasons like controlling men. But yes they can cum so they can physically enjoy sex.

Human sexuality is a complex topic though. Just browse any porn site for a few minutes and you’ll see several fetishes that don’t make a lot of sense if you think about them. I kind of stopped caring about this too much. I gave up understanding human sexuality. Mine is still a bit obscure to this day, and I’m almost 27!

when i say women don’t enjoy sex, I’m saying they don’t enjoy it with the majority of men. They have almost no craving to touch the male body, they might crave chad a few times per year, or they are screwing chad because they think they can get something from him. Women just have severely low sex drives, and most women would rather have sex with another woman than with a chad. So imagine how little they want sex with the average sub 7 male.

The point im making is, if women truly enjoyed sex with the majority of men, there would be no need for prostiution, or porn, dating apps would have way more female users and it would be a 50/50 split on apps.

Depends what you mean by first move. Usually if a women is interested they will flirt and it’s more subtle

I think sex for women is just wired differently. Most women need to feel a certain way before having sex like feeling trust and having an emotional connection. Though some have hook ups and I think it’s because they have daddy issues or something. Also not all women can orgasm so I think that might be part of it. @maidana

I love touch. I like being touched and I like touching other people. I crave cuddles and massages all the time. Maybe I was meant to be a cat :thinking: @ThatsLife

That just doesnt seem to be the case. Women “fall in love” with men, get married, and then always after she gets the undesireable male, she starts dropping off sex more and more “im just not that sexual of a person hun” this is what millions upon millions of undesireable males hear after their wedding.

Then the only time women have sex with a sub 7 male, is if hes paying for it or hes so wealthy or high status she needs that moolah and lures him in through acting like shes sexually attracted to him (this usually happens to high status or somewhat moneymaking guys before marriage).

At the end of the day, women are clearly chadsexual bisexual closet lesbians who would sleep with another woman any day than an average male. Most men would have sex and cuddle with the average female, but most females wont do the same for an average male unless he pays for it or pays for it even bigger by marriage and then once hes married he gets cut off because she has him by the balls.
The fact that the majority of men have to pay for play either through marriage, escorts, sugar daddy proves women find most men not sexually desirable and see having sex with them as a job. Women who are married to sub 7 males have a literal term for this called (duty sex) “ugh becky steve wants duty sex again”.

How women feel about sex with a sub 7 male is how I would feel about cleaning dirty toilets. I surely wouldnt do it for free, and really would only do a job like that if there were no other options or I would starve on the street, this is the only reason why most women got married in the past and hence why we see almost no one getting married today unless the guy has lots of cash/status.

I really want to get married one day. I think the sex drive falls with age. I’m not really there yet so idk but I’ve heard it falls.

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Well, at least our very own @Love is being honest here where she should receive credit for that.

Men need support with things like education, apprenticeships, on job training, and things of that nature. Things that will help men stand on their own two feet in independence but at the same time will boost their morale or confidence in themselves.

The last thing men need is to become dependent or trapped on public assistance and welfare.

I’m all for men receiving assistance or help so long as it is life affirming where men are allowed to keep their independence and dignity intact.

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As an older man I can say it’s true that with time your sex drive does fall as you age however I still want some just like everybody else. It’s not like at a certain age you don’t want sex completely, very untrue!

When I was younger between the ages of 18-25 I would want sex everyday but now at the ripe age of 33 I would be content on having sex two to three times a week.

I would agree. Welfare is designed to be temporary and not long term. It’s not set up for success. Likewise the same with corrections. It’s not set up for success either and then people wonder why they re offend. Well because they get out after spending many years there and loose all their stuff, housing, jobs and a lot of time their family too. So they have nothing and have to start over again and very fast.

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The successful key to helping anybody is allowing them to have a degree of independence where they don’t feel trapped in a corner.

It allows them to grow as individuals and it gives them the opportunity to develop skills or experiences on their own rather than being forced onto something outside of themselves.

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Usually men have a higher sex drive in general. So I think men’s drive just stays higher even when it drops. I don’t think women just stop wanting sex either I think it just reduces.

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Yeah, women’s sex drive also falls with time as well, I sometimes think that women’s sex drive declines even more rapidly than that of men with aging. I’ll sometimes overhear older men complaining about their wives not hardly being interested in sex at all and how they feel miserable about it.