Feature alteration

Think I’m going to save bux in order to get plastic surgery. This is to completely remove all of my masculine features.

This is an example of typical male features that look like caveman:

This is not all males. There is also the Frankenstein forehead look that males have. I will draw a picture of it here:

Some males look like gorillas. Other males look more like potatoey. Each male looks different, but most look strange in their own particular way.

So I thought about going to the plastic surgeon, and then I imagined them saying to me that, “Well what about the girlies?” They would tell me that removing my masculine features would make it harder for me to get laid with a woman.

Then I thought about this long and hard. I realized in all my days of having masculine features, not one woman ever approached or flirted to me about it. Women used to approach me when I was a teen when had more feminine features, but never masculine. With masculine features, I always had to approach women. After doing so, I gotten some girls numbers, but most of the time they treated me unfairly, rejecting or ghosting me for no reason. Occasionally this was my own fault, due to my sheer social ineptitude and dating anxiety. But most of the time, the women treated me unfairly.

So if I get plastic surgery, this may only appeal to certain women, and be niche, but still an upgrade. Straight girls supposedly make up 75% of the population. But Lesbians are twice as often getting pregnant. So if you try to appeal to trad straights, you will keep encountering disinterested women that aren’t into you. But if you appeal to cool women that are into Kpop stars, you may get laid. What I imagined is this. I am walking around Whole Foods buying foods. I have masculine features instead of getting plastic surgery. Absolutely zero straight women or lesbians at the store are attracted me. But then I imagine what if I look like a female or tomboy. Then all of a sudden I am no longer an incel, and I get social validation and a female who is actually attracted to me.

My mom and her friend said I seemed to “look even more manly” than I did a couple years ago, as if it was a compliment.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually just ropefuel.