Facebook is part of the system that subjugates us

I’ve been banned from Facebook because I used the word “cµck”.

That’s right. Mark Cuckerberg enforces kindergarten-tier vocabulary on his godforsaken website.

The worst part is that they won’t give me any chance to challenge the ban. No way to do anything from my account. They removed all options I had to contact them. I could send an e-mail to their customer support, but I’m sure it will lead me to nowhere.

Context: A poor and desperate incel created a thread asking for advice on where and how he should approach women irl. To my desperation, there were several normies offering him bluepill advice. I did my best to dismiss their trash-tier advice and offer proper guidance to our incel friend. Unfortunately, I’ve been banned because I used the term “cµck” to describe a cµcked comment – the truth hurts.

Facebook is the wrong place for incels to hang out. It’s part of the system that keeps incels from living a better – or at least less miserable – life. Challenging the status quo in Facebook grants you a 30-day ban without any warning or possibility to defend yourself. Their bots are designed to ban non-bluepill speech, and those bots do a stellar job I must admit.

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It’s weird that Facebook banned for that.

No, there’s not a single fucking thing that is weird about it at all. And it’s time to take the gloves off. Facebook is literally owned by a Jew, as “part of the system that subjugates us.”

It’s weird to you because you don’t understand shit about this world.

I was given an instant warning by bots for the following message on Facebook. For saying “bitch.”


Who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?

my instagram got hacked (Facebook is the same company that runs instagram.)

Zero support or customer service whatsoever. The link on instagram to secure my account doesn’t even load the webpage.

the simple truth is banning cuss words is good, i hope they ban all cuss words. i dont think the word s1mp or cµck should be banned though.

Yeah you’ve gotta be careful with Facebook. I’ve been banned many times and learn something every time, recently it was you can’t even say tranny.

Still the best social media website though, so I don’t get too mad.

Unfortunately we live in a society where everything is a popularity contest, rather than what is objectively the best. Facebook wins because it is popular, even if it is headed by the corrupt and moderated by the retarded.